Trigger Point shots and pain involved?

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    I am just wondering how bad these shots hurt and how long they should last. Went to my first appointment at a pain clinic and the doctor was talking about doing trigger point shots and doing shots on my knees for the pain. The shots that I have had for my bursitus and my hernated disc did not last nearly as long as they were suppose to so basicly want to know if it is worth the pain to go through these shots. Thanks for all the help you can give me.......SueF
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    I don't know about the pain but I read on here the other day how important it is to have a Doc that knows the trigger points well in order to do it right.

    I'm very interrested in getting this done, I just have so much to go over with my Dr that this may have to wait.

    Please post your results and I'll keep looking for them.

    I was just thinking (you know how I knew I was just thinking?... I saw smoke come out of my ears.) I was just thinking, if your Dr suggested it, he's probably got some knowledge about how to perform it.

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    I for one have had a lot of success w/trigger point injections. They pain is minimal as they use tiny needles for them. Little stings and you are through.

    If you are using a Pain Dr, they are trained in these. I would be reluctant to have my PCP dr do them as they have "general" knowledge of how they work and how to administer them.

    Good luck to the both of you!!

    BTW - one thing to keep in mind also is that some trigger point injections are actually just saline...thus not as hard on your body. Somehow or another, the saline "tricks" the muscle into letting go. Be sure and talk to your dr about what type of meds are in the injects... that will give you some comfort too. They work wonders for me!!!
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    Dan - I'm pretty sure the doctor I saw yesterday knew all of the preasure points cause when he examined me he hit every one of them. lol. He is a D.O. Not real sure what that stands for but he knew more then my Rheumy does about the trigger points and the shots. Especially when he mention giving me shots on my knees for the pain. Not real sure about that. Sounds like a lot of pain or at least more then I am willing to put up with. lol.

    AGHLLW - Thank you for letting me know that they are just tiny needles. Puts my mind a little bit more at rest. I really hope they work wonders for me too. After shots for my bursitus only lasting a couple of weeks and the shots for my back lasting only a month I'm a little leary of shots that are suppose to help and last awhile.....SueF
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    don't you have pain when the trigger point releases? When I've had them in the past, it felt like the muscles where jumping or twitching when they released.

    If it was a bad or large trigger point I sure felt it! The last time I had tp injections I went into a big flare. I guess there was too much going on at the time and the injections just threw me over the edge.
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    SueF, I've had facet injections on my neck twice and I will go back for more. More discomfort than pain and very good results. But last time they did TP injections and the pain was unbearable for me. My muscle spasms are pretty bad from bulged/ruptured discs, and the injections made my muscle "jump" big, and for the neck several days I felt sick and more pain and stiffness than before the injections. I actually made them stop during the procedure because I did not like it. I'll never do them again.
    This was a trained pain management dr I've seen for some time.
    I also have FM.
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    I tried TP injections on a weekly basis for about 2 months. I have/had (more have) acute myofasciitis and fm. Everything hurts and hurts. I thought and I am really sorry that the injections were extremely painful. Also, my muscles would go into spasms and that was rough as well. I guess he used, the pain doc 4 different solutions in the injections. I did though think I was having some decrease in pain, but my PCP told me it was a waste of money. I guess he really doesn't believe in fm or myofascial pain. My biggest concern was my copay which was really a huge amount especially on a weekly basis so I really had to quit. I might have kept on if I felt I could afford it, but not working makes it a bit difficult. You can always try one and see how it goes. We all respond differently.
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    There is so many varied responses and it seems that there are different types of shots for the tender point shots that now I'm confused. I suppose I should have listened more when he was telling me about them but I thought I was listening good. lol. FibroFog. I did however remember him mentioning the shots in the knees but I don't remember what he was going to shot into my knees to ease the pain. lol......SueF
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