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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by valleyann, May 19, 2006.

  1. valleyann

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    Yesterday I decided to go get a Trigger Point massage to see how it would make me feel. And I am very sore today! I can hardly move my left arm, it feels like someone is constantly dragging a knife down it starting at the shoulder.

    Does this get better if I continue to get Trigger Point therapy/massage? Or will I be sore everytime? Does anyone else have experience with this?


  2. jane32

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    I can imagine that would be painful. I am seeing a wonderful massage therapist every week for the past 8 weeks and it has made a huge difference! I am so much more relaxed and my arms for great!

    Maybe you could find someone that knows about cfs/fibro instead. Mine knows my limitations and I wish I started sooner.

    I would take a long hot bath maybe a couple a day until the pain goes away.
  3. NyroFan

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    I have a girl that comes to the house for massages. I get a full body one and do not worry about trigger points for that. Since everything hurts on my body I try to catch everything.

    Everyone is different though in approaching massage.

    Drink plenty of wate after to get rid of those released toxins.

  4. TXFMmom

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    The physical therapists will put their elbows in them and twist.

    For trigger therapy, the muslces should be as relaxed in the entire area and zone of the body by massage, first and then the trigger relaxation attempt done.

    I was sore, occasionally, but it didn't hurt any more than the trigger's themselves.

    The key is take a warm, or tepid bath after the massage, drink water, as they will release all kinds of crap from the muscles, and you must flush it out, stretch before going to bed, and take an ibuprofen, or something like that, to keep the soreness down.
  5. valleyann

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    Thanks for your responses! I think I'll get someone who knows better next time... because I told her upfront that I have Fibromyalgia and it didn't seem to faze her. Like she didn't know what the heck I was talking about! So maybe she didn't take that into consideration when she was massaging me... Maybe I'll go see a physical therapist instead.

    I would love to get relaxation massages every week! But they are so expensive here! It costs me $90.00 (canadian) for an hour...which is way too much for me. :)

  6. TxSongBird

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    but it is too expensive and time consuming for me with my job. I hope that when I retire that is the one thing I can afford to do for myself.

  7. Adl123

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    Dear Valleynann,
    My Chiro used to do Myofascial Trigger Point therapy on my neck. I remember being very sore for a coupoe of day, and then it went away, and I was better. this happened every time I went. All in all, though, I was better afterwards.

    Good luck,
  8. jane32

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    Yes they are expesnive. Mine are $45 for 1 hr. but I bought a package and essentially get two for free! She has a lot of fibro clients so she is patient with me! I have CFS.

    I am not sure about insurance up there but I know in the US you can get them down at the chiropracter for just your co-pay.

  9. jenni4736

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    Hey valley

    Anythime you get a massage of ANY KIND you have to drink TONS of water afterwards.

    If the massage felt good during but you are painful afterward...THIS IS THE CAUSE!!!!

    when you get a massge, all the jusk in your body gets moved around. If you drink the water, and tons of it, it helps carry the toxins out of your body.

    If you don't drink enough water, the toxins resettle and make you sore. I have had this happen, and it is very painful!

    If it was sore during the massage...taht's another issue. I always take a muscle relaxer, Tylenol or something BEFORE i go to help relax the muscles. I also take a warm bath as soon as I get home from one. This really helps.

    Moving the toxins out of you body will help. Continued massge can make it better, but some people just can't stand tham during a flair. If it is real painful, this might be the case for you.

    Also, as far as price... try this. You can go to the massge schools and get a massage for a fraction of the price. The students have to have x amount of hours before certification and they always need guinea pigs...HAHAH!

    Hugs, Jenni
  10. Cinlou

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    I must say you could be a little sore from the deep tissue massage afterwards. Sometimes I would get feeling very sick, feverish, aches etc. I am sure to drink plenty of water.

    Now I have my therapist do a 90 minute session, he does the "torture" first, then he does lympthatic drainage. Now that is very relaxing! He has taken 4 different levels of this type of massage, he knows his stuff. I find this is so very helpful, to help move the toxins out. If interested look on the net you can find info there.
    Deep Tissue first, then Lympthatic.

    I highly recommend this, it helps me feel better.

  11. valleyann

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    Thanks for the advice! I will make sure to drink more water after my next massage. I must say that I didn't drink much water and I actually rarely drink enough water.

    I'll have to check out massage schools, good idea! :) I never even thought of that.

    Take care.

  12. TxSongBird

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    from a licensed Fibromyalgia massage therapist who does nothing but trigger point massage. I am so looking forward to this and she will concentrate on my upper back and arms this session and then I think I will be going every week. I need this special massage and I will not let things stand in my way of getting it. The cost $65.00 for a full hour.