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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by toots2, Jul 17, 2003.

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    I will soon be going for my first visit to a massage therapist who specializes in treating patients with trigger point therapy. Has anyone tried this and did it help? I tried having regular massage years ago but ended up in so much pain that I quit going. I would love some feedback if you would be so kind. thanks. Toots
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    I have read on trigger therapy and I'm very interested as a a relief from some of this FM pain. How would I locate one???Would I look under massage therapy in the yellow pages?? Trigger therapy is'nt the norm around here.Meaning I've never evn heard it mentioned in the local newspaper or anywhere.I've only heard about it on here and by research. Thanks a bunch!!
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    therapy. It says right on her card the type of massage that she does. If it doesn't say it on their ad in the yellow pages, I would call and ask.

    I am told that I'm unusual with the amount of pressure I can handle in a massage. Most fibro patients can barely be touched. If you had a lot of pain the last time, I definately would discuss this with the therapist before you have another massage. They surely will have a strategy for that. My thoughts were to limit it to where you are having the most discomfort. When I first started massage, she concentrated on my upper body, especially neck, shoulders and back. It really helped.

    The other thing is to drink lots of water the day of the massage. They move a lot of toxins out of the muscles and that's why you don't feel well the first couple of times.

    It is the best money I spend on my health. Hope it helps you as much. -Karen
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    You can get yourself this great S-shaped device called a Backnobber. It has knobs on both just hang it over your shoulder or wherever and pull as hard as you can stand so that it puts pressure on the angry trigger point. This really works! And you don't have to pay it or wait for an appointment with it!!! Of course, you have to BUY's in the neighborhood of $30. Just type Backnobber into Google and you'll find some websites to order from. I never travel without mine, and my husband says it saves a lot of wear and tear on his thumbs.
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    I just did a search of the messages here about the Backnobber, and here you guys are talking about it here tonight. Anyway, I was asking earlier tonight if anyone has any experience with a non-hand-operated self massager. My mom has been using the Theracane for a few years, she said she loves it, but recently she injured her back and has limited strength to apply pressure with the hand operated device.

    I found a thing called a Pressure Pointer when searching the web today, has anyone tried it?
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    I just realized, after I inadvertantly submitted my unfinished message, that you were on this thread, what a tight community here.
    It's nice to hear, and talk with all of you!!
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    Actually, I think you could use the backnobber without having to use too much hand pressure. You could use the weight of your body to make it work, once it's positions.
    Haven't heard of the other device. You could also use a tennis ball stuck in a sock, too (the sock is so you can reach it easily).
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    I too bought the Trigger Point Therapy Workbook by Clair Davies. When I was going to therapy the therapist did trigger point massage on me (mostly neck) & it did wonders. Learning to do it yourself for me was tricky. I think the main thing was after massaging the nasty trigger point was making sure to "move" the toxins away from that area. I even did it on my neck while I was driving the other day & it worked.

    I don't suppose the ins. co. would pay for this type of massage unless you had an RX from your doc, hugh? Well of course they wouldn't - what am I thinking? Fibro fog. LOL

    Take care......Kathi