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  1. toots2

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    Has anyone here been helped with trigger point therapy? I am seeing a massage therapist tomorrow who specializes in trigger point thereapy but don't want to make the trip or spend money on something that will not help. I would love to hear from someone who has gone through this type of therapy, Toots
  2. Ponygirl

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    I have to step in and say no, it didnt help me at all . I tied trigger pt massage, trigger pt injections and triggerppt acupuncture. Nada , zip, nothing.... BUT , I really hope it works for you! If only I could be so lucky. My rib cage on both side was where the muscle spasms come .
    So painful, wish I could find the cure. Thats my biggest problem. The muscle spasm flareups, definetly caused from strees.
  3. JannyW

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    I've had trigger point injections several times ... sometimes they work better than others, depending on the location involved. I find that if I can coerce a friend to do trigger point massage or accupressure, it sometimes will help as well.

    Jan ^v^