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    I have so much trouble exercising, have been trying it for years with my fibro but no matter how little I do I always end up hurting so much. Even swimming bothers me now. Can't do the laps like I use to and find swimming on my back is best for me. Someone said on here if you cannot exercise you must have trigger points somewhere. I do definitely agree but because I have no bumps do you think this is possible? I have ordered the Daviess book recommended here and have Dr. Starylan's too and would like to try trigger point therapy. Is it possible to have trigger point therapy on the hips and legs I need to know. My pain is waist down and my legs hurt so much it makes exercise almost impossible. What is involved in trigger point thereapy if anyone can answer. Sorry for all the questions but I do need some help. Toots
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    I'm glad you're getting the Clair Davies book. I have mine in front of me right now! I love this book. It's excellent for self treatment. It sounds like you do have some trigger points. The best advice I can give you is to wait for your book to come in. Then read, read, read.... It is imperative that you read the first few chapters to gain an understanding of trigger points and how to deal with them. It tells you everthing you need to know about it. I will tell you that you can go out right now and get yourself some tennis balls. You'll need them if you want to do points on your back.

    Good luck to you, I hope you can start treating yourself soon.