trigger points/myofascial pain ... the cause of so many problems

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    Who else has trigger points? There seems to me so little understood about trigger points (which are different than tender points in fibromyalgia) and myofascial pain and I think both are related to what a lot of people on here are dealing with.

    I haven’t been here in a long time … due to being in recovery from CFIDS and starting lead a more active life.

    However, the last of my body challenges to get solved was my pelvic pain, which turned out to be trigger points … and then I this recurrent severe pain in my upper abdomen which no one could figure out (endless tests!) … and had another bout of muscle pain, spasms, etc last year dealing with a bunch of stress ...

    After having a pretty successful experience with bio-energy work with a "guide" and two different practitioners, I followed it up with help from a PT this year. I went to see her for a different reason (hip pain? My sprained ankle? I can’t remember) but ended up having her figure out what had been causing my unexplained belly pain!!

    Turns out I had trigger points in my abdominal rectus muscle (the long wide one that runs from your pubic bone to your ribcage). My abs weren't tight in a way that made them strong and healthy but were contracted in a way that causes pain when nerves are pressed and tissues around that area are inflamed.

    She was able to do trigger point release (using her hands to press on the trigger points in a way to get them to let go) and taught me stretches and exercises to do at home to prevent pain from coming back. It helped IMMENSELY!

    I really want to share this experience with more people because I gained so much from finally understanding what was going on with my body. From research I've been doing on myofascial pain (caused by trigger points) and what's called "chronic myofascial pain" CMP I think this all has a TON to do with fibro and CFIDS pain. This started in me through the first year of my illness and then has been recurrent even with the massive reduction in the rest of my symptoms.

    Trigger points can cause a WIDE variety of symptoms all over the body, depending on where they are located and what nerves they are affecting.

    What are trigger points? Info here:

    Trigger points are different than tenderpoints!
    More info here

    For more info on trigger points:
    Website with lots of info- related to a GREAT book about trigger points:

    What are other people’s experiences with trigger points?
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    the difference between trigger points and tender points really. I did work with one pt who used trigger point release for a bit. It has been years and I do not remember getting that much relief.

    You mention on another thread that you see a nurse practioner. I have had good experiences with np's too. Would you recommend this np? What part of Oregon is the np in? I see a dr. but not often. I asked for a referral to cfids medical person over a year ago. I still have not heard one word. I just seem to be loosing ground every year. It would be a good thing to at least try to fight off this disease.

    Congratulations on finding appropriate medical help and for your progress. I cannot even imagine finding such a place for myself any longer.