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    I just ordered Fibro and Chronic Myofascial Pain trigger point workbook. The last 3 nights my husband and I have gone thru book and he has tried to do the therpay for my terrible TMJ and upper back pain. The massage is PAINFUL( book states it should hurt 7 out of 10 and it does. It also causes soreness adn a little brusing but I am veryhopeful that it will help. I almost think the TMJ might not be Quite as panful right now. I am premenstrual sothis is ususually the WORST time but I am standing it with only vicodin 1-2 times daily instead of every 3 to 4 hrs.

    Has anyone had success with this method. If it seems to work we will experiment with All the trigger/tender points.
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    Consistent work on the triggers will gradually make them better.

    Trigger point injections really are much more effective, if they are done correctly.

    I had such a sore elbow for a couple of weeks but I got out the little round trigger pressure things I have and used it all around the elbow and it is so much better.

    It hurts while they are doing the pressure, but it feels so much better afterward.

    I had a huge trigger in my pyriformis muscle in the buttock and the physical therapist had to place me supine and then rub it out with her elbow. PAINNNNNNNNN. It did, however, get it to resolve.
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    Does your rheumy do the injections. I have recvd steroid injections for joint pain and nerve blcks 4 pinched nerve in back.
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    I get trigger point therapy at my chiropractor...he uses a little "clicky" thing that he pokes into my trigger points very quickly...not very painful at all.....Never ever heard of massage. Will look into that.

    And some people get trigger point shots and are really successful with them. I had no luck whatsoever. Wonder what the difference was? I had like 12 shots in my back over a period of 2 mos (Can I just say "OUCH!")which would have been worth it if they worked, but no dice. Maybe a tiny tiny bit of improvement, but less than 10% improvement, and only lasted a week or so. What a waste!

    Then, just recently had trigger pt shots in my hips...2 in each (in the Bursa, I think..or right around there). But that doc used some sort of a "pain relieving spray" on my skin before giving shots...didn't hurt at all! So if you're getting shots, ask for this stuff!!!!
    But also had little to no effect on my pain, or ability to walk, even. Anyone else not so lucky with these?

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    The shots I receive are not painful but this massage is very but according to the workbook it should be and that means you have the right spots. I wish thee were local PT's that are trained in this but I am from a small rural area and no such lick. My hubby is trying and we will cont to try. Anything is worth it to help the apin. I have had FMS for years and its been Very bad ,also have arthritis and had a total knee replacement last yr but nothing has been as relentless as the TMJ.
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    Releasing the constrictions in the fascia can release toxins that are trapped there. Drinking a lot of water will help get rid of them. I wonder if the hydrogen peroxide/epsom salt soak would help as well.

    While trigger point therapy is painful, I’m not sure it should leave bruises. Maybe you husband is being a little too ‘gung ho’.

    I, too, have had the infamous pyriformis trigger points. I was still working at the time, and was taking my vacation at a spa for some serious, and much needed, R & R. (Didn’t realize that I had CFS at the time.) My first massage was with a former RN who had retrained as a massage therapist. She realized that a lot of my low back pain was due to trigger points in the pyriformis muscles, so she went to work on them. When I said “that is hurting quite a bit”, she just said “I know” and kept on working. When I went in for my massage the next day, she said that she hadn’t realized that I would be back and that if she had known, she would not have treated the pyriformis so aggressively the day before.