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  1. I have got to tell everyone I finally realized what was the main event of me getting sick. It hit me like a ton of bricks. MY son 24 was in trouble for burglary when he turned 18 he was young and stupid and never have been in trouble before I was shocked IT was the worse thing that happendto me .Because of his past and never being in trouble he got 5 years probation,So he goes through and does what he should do on the right track and never has any violations on probation,.HE did great for awhile he was on strict supervison he probation officer was so impressed So finlally almost 5 years has passed he is almost done has 1 month left after a long 5 years and gets pulled over holloween night he failed a breathaliser thank god the cop let him call ne to get him and park his car, He was not acting drunk but after 2 or 3 beers you can fail the test.I cried and strted throwing up thinking hwo close he could have been to some jail time.I havent been well since oct 31 2005. Ruthie
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    So sorry. We sure worry about our children don't we? I really understand. But even with this couple of beers, it sounds as if he is on the right track.

    Yes, when we think back we can recall various things that was stressful.

    I am sending you many good thoughts and wishes.....Susan