Triglycerides 383, now what? Help!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by SPR30, Jun 29, 2006.

  1. SPR30

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    My triglycerides are 383. My doc office called and sounded alarmed. I am waitng to see where we go from there, they are sharing the info with my rhuemy.(cardioloy tests showed my arteries are clean)(I don't want another pill to swallow, I am up to a handful a day...not to mention I really haven't heard much good news about cholesterol meds)

    My C reactive proteins are usually sky high,as well as SED rate and that other test for inflammation which i cannot think of now.

    Also,I have looked at the type 2 diabetes list if symptoms....I have ALL of them except weight loss.

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  2. fitzh2o

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    First off, don't panic! While your number is higher than they like, it is not that bad. My husbands were at one time over 1100! He has been able to bring the number down by cutting out a lot of fatty foods (cookies, donuts, cake, etc.,) and also by taking medication. It's very treatable.

    It seems like it is a balancing act though. While my husband was able to bring his tryglicerides down, the good cholesteral went up, so the doctor keeps changing his doses trying to find the right balance. He's willing to allow the tryglicerides to go up a little, (not over 400) in order to better control the cholesteral.

    I know you said you hate to take another pill but it is pretty hard to control by diet alone. My husband is in great shape, not overwieght, eats good and still has these problems. Pills were the only way for him to control it.

    I just didn't want you to panic!

    Good luck,

    fitzh2o :)
  3. SPR30

    SPR30 New Member

    Thank you...I welcome any more ideas.
  4. AcappellaMusic

    AcappellaMusic New Member

    I am not for sure if they will but I know essential fatty acids we all need. Go to and type in cholesterol and essential fatty acids and see what happens or Udo's oil and essential fatty acids. Always discuss with your doctor first if you think it may help.
  5. janieb

    janieb New Member

    but my husband has a cholesterol problem. I know carbs cause them to rise. His have been as high as 3300 in the past, so you can get them down

    His tests show very little blockage in the arteries and he's 65.

    They have said he should lose weight to avoid diabetes, which is on both sides of his family.

    However, the first thing you should do is NOT PANIC!

    See what your doctor says.


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