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  1. pinsnneed1es

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    How bad do they get? Can they raise and lower your heart and lung treatment? I don't think I ever had it this bad.
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    I'm not sure what you mean about raising and lowering your heart and lung treatment.

    As far as trigger points - I have been ill for over ten years. A couple of weeks ago I saw a new doctor and she pressed the trigger points on my body. The pain was worse than ever. She knew exactly where to press and it hurt so badly that I cried and cried like a baby. It was bad.

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    I'm not sure what you are talking about here..sorry!

    Tender points are the 18 spots that, when pressure is applied, will cause a person with FM to jump, wince, cry, scream, and so on..

    Trigger points are places where pain originates and is "referred" to other areas. If you are getting cortisone (or other steroid) injections, they are given in Trigger points to stop the referred pain.

    Tender points are used to diagnose and evaluate the severity of FM.

    If you are experiencing pain in your heart and lungs, it could be "referred" from trigger points.

    I hope this is clear..

    If not, google Devin Starlanyl and FM for in-depth info on Tender points vs. Trigger points.

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  4. sallys

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    massage the trigger point or the tender point? or both - i'm still waiting to get my Trigger point therapy workbook.

  5. TxSongBird

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    I go once a week for a one hour Trigger Point Massage with a massage therapist who works only on Fibro patients. It is wonderful afterwards and she knows how to work the points and get them to release and relax. I can't wait for my appointment on Monday for my third session.