trimipramine aka surmontil for sleep

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    Hi all,
    stumbled accross this med last night googling, it seems to be like a tricyclic antidepressant with minimal effect on noradrenaline. From the stuff i read it is good for insomnia, one person saying that they had tried everything and had no luck until she tried surmontil. Wasnt alot of info out there, so interested in others experience with it.

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    I was on it for around 10 years.
    For more than half of that, I was on 50mg which gave me 9-10 hours sleep which, considering I'm severe/very severe, was useful.
    However I wanted to try thyroid medication and they don't really encourage people to be on a tricyclic and take thyroid hormones. So I reduced it to 10mg over time - it took around a year if I recall correctly. Initially I tried more quickly but got a bit gittery. Then they took the 10mg version off the market over here in Europe so I switched to amitriptyline as I didn't want to go back up to 25mg. I don't notice a huge difference except that perhaps I have a bigger appetite or for other reasons eat more and/or find it harder to keep the weight down.

    Like most/all tricyclics, you should probably start at a low dose. And be prepared for some side effects in the early weeks. But I felt my sleep was important enough that I was willing to put up with them. They generally settled down after a while.[This Message was Edited on 12/20/2009]