Triplet moms out there with FM/CFS?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by hidlyn, Sep 12, 2005.

  1. hidlyn

    hidlyn New Member

    Just wondering if anyone out there has young triplets (mine are 2) and had CFS/FM before getting pregnant with them. I've had both conditions since I was 26 and became pregnant with triplets at 33. Just wondering if we could compare notes.


  2. dreamharp

    dreamharp New Member

    I had triplets in 1988. They are 17 years old now. I was
    not a fertility patient. It was a big surprise! After I
    had triplets at 32 years old my health started to decline
    with lots of colds, flu and sinus infections. When the kids
    went to preschool I caught every virus that was around.

    I guess the stress of taking care of triplets (plus I had
    a 3 year old toddler)took it's toll. Looking back I think
    I had the CFS/Fibro most of my life and just didn't know
    it. My mother has CFS/Fibro also. Extreme stress seemed
    to be a factor.

    Heidi, do twins or triplets run in your family? There are
    no twins or triplets in my family line.

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  3. Mar19

    Mar19 New Member

    two sets of twins?

    Mine are now 26 and 28. Lots of multiple birth in both my mother and father's family, plus my dh's. It took me 5 years to conceive and then I had twins twice in two and a half years.

    Did either of you get very ill after delivery? Both times I ran fevers so high I was delirious. The illness ran for 4 or 5 weeks and then I slowly got a bit better.

    I felt really weak, fatigued, and had much pain during both pg's. Post-partum the docs were never able to figure out the cause for my fevers and flu-like symptoms.

    Twenty-six years later, I'm guessing it was a major fibro flare along with CFS.

    Interesting topic.

  4. hidlyn

    hidlyn New Member

    There are some twins, but no triplets. Thank you for your response. I really appreciate it.

    Heidi :)
  5. hidlyn

    hidlyn New Member

    WOW. Two sets. That's amazing. I did have 104 fever a few days after delivery that they could never figure out. I was hospitalized with severe chills and fever. They took blood 5 times in 48 hours and found no infection. The gave me antibiotics just in case. I had some relief from FM and CFS until the kids were about 5 months old and I stopped breast feeding (well pumping milk). I wouldn't trade my life for anything, but I do wish I could more fully participate in my kids lives. I have help but only because my parents are paying for it. Still we can only afford part-time. I just wondered if anyone else could relate. Thanks for replying.

  6. JLH

    JLH New Member

    Wow, you mothers with multiples are so blessed! I know you might not think that now, but you are definitely special mothers.

    The doc thought that I was having twins on my first pregnancy, but she turned out to be just one huge baby. That news excited my husband and I so much. I was really disappointed when the doc said sorry--only one.

    I've always wanted twins. I went to school with triplets and everyone was always so fasinated by them because they all looks exactly alike.

    Just thought I would tell you what special families you all are!!


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