Trips to the ER anyone???

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    I spent Tuesday night in the ER having all kinds of blood work and CT scan done and they came up with nothing! (surprise!) I have been having real bad pain on my right lower abdomen area and family memebers (some are in the med field) thought I might be having appendicitis. I also went to the "family prac" dr yesterday with all my results and he came up with nothing also! Today I am still in the same pain, nausea, fever and lower backache! What next??? And there are some adnormals on my blood work!

    Anyone else go thru this? What did you do? Wait it out? See some other specialists? Appreciate any suggestions! Thanks!
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    was sixteen she started having these same symptoms one Saturday. Since it was the weekend I took her to an Urgent Care MD and after doing bloodwork and examining her he sent us on to the ER because he suspected appendicitis. We saw a surgeon in the ER and after doing an examination and an ultrsound he told me that honestly he could only make a guess that it was indeed appendicitis because the ultra sound showed nothing however, she was running a low grade fever and her white count was up but that might just mean she had a viral infection. Anyway, we went ahead with the surgery and yes indeed she had appendicitis. He said the reason nothing was showing on the ultrasound and the reason she wasn't more tender in the area was because her appendicts was buried beneath her lower bowel. Don't know if this helps but I'd certainly keep a watch out!