Troops with stress disorders being redeployed

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  1. lenasvn

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    My heart aches for these men and women being redeployed with PTSD! This can have dire consequences for not only themselves, but others. This will eat their souls up. I have complex PTSD, if I am in a situation that trigger me, I am truly in hell. These soldiers will be too.

  2. NyroFan

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    It is an interesting article, incredible as it is.

  3. lenasvn

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    I worry about those guys.
  4. woofmom

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    I live a mile from Parris Island. It breaks my heart when I see those boys, knowing what they're in for.
  5. lovethesun

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    Just a reminder
  6. elliespad

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    It enrages me to think what "they" are doing to our troops. We can pray, and that is more powerful than any letter campaign. Just heartbreaking.
  7. Roseblossom

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    PTSD affects not only the person who has it, but also everyone around them and society as a whole.

    It's easy to snap out an email to your lawmakers and let them know what you think about this.

    Go here:

    On the left-hand side on the blue sidebar you'll see Write Your Officials in red letters.

    There's a space to enter your zip code, and you'll then get a list of your representatives and their contact info.

    It felt good to express my concern and urge them to do something about this.


  8. Mini4Me

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    Shows a lack of good leadership and a desperation, huh?
  9. thedesertsage

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    All war is hell all the time for everyone.
    I liked Gandi and I love Christ.....
    Wish we had peacemakers instead of moneymakers ruling the roost.