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    I was just wandering if other people have problems at work because of the pain and being so tired all the time.I have a really hard time with my co-workers.
    I havent been at this job very long.I have been there about 4 months.Its in a diary plant.
    I have such a hard time remember things and it takes me longer to do things because I am in so much pain.
    I cant tell anybody about it because I am afraid they will let me go.
    I think the people I work with think I am really dumb and lazy because I am having such a hard time.I cry every night when I come home.I am so very depressed.
    I dont sleep hardly at all at night so during the day I am a zombie.I feel like I am a walking shell with nothing inside.I was never like this before and was allways able to do other jobs with out any problems.
    I also went to the dr. the other day for a check up and all my labs were good.I asked him to up my sleep med. so maybe i could sleep better,but it dosnt help.My blood pressure has also been really low,but he dosnt seem worried about it.Today it was 72/54. Isnt that kinda low,and I was so dizzy all day.
    I have also been having really bad back pain,where it hurts to stand up strait.I know I am a big mess and it seems knowbody out there who dosnt have this understands.
    I want so bad to just get a whole nights sleep.
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    I have no advice. I just didn't want you to go unanswered.

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    Thanks.. :)
  4. cjg4ever

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    I have an apt. to see a rumatoligist in Feb. my regular dr. has said that I have cfs or fm,but he says I have all the signs.He is trying his best to make me feel better.I go in about once a month if I dont end up in ER first,for the pain.They all say the same,it sounds like it could be cfs,or fm.I have really bad pain in my hips and ribs.At first they thought I was having female problems,but they rules that out,with a ton of other tests that all came back normal.I get so frustrated.
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    Hi hon,

    Your trouble at work sounds exactly like what I went through before I had to quit last November. I too had so much trouble remembering things and trying to keep up and I had worked at this place 6 years. It was like I had become a zombie over-night in the last yr at work. My pain and fatigue was so bad that in the last yr I was off on medical leave more than I was work. I finally had to give up and I applied for disability this past spring. That seemed to be my only choice.

    I'm so sorry you are going through this, but I would also go home and cry everynight and sometimes at lunch I would go to my car and cry. I think that is because I was sad that I wasn't me anymore. I had become different.

    I'm still grieving the old me but I'm learning to go on, life is not over, just changing. If you do apply for disability (I read your other post also), just remember that it may take a while to get that. My attorney told me possibly another year for me.

    Hope this helps. Sure there's something wrong with you - you are sick. You need to take care of yourself. Rest up.
    By the way I love your pic in your bio, your little furbaby loves you.

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    I also have low blood pressure (although not as low as yours) and my doctor recommended upping my salt intake. What does your job entail? I am assuming that since you work in a dairy plant, it must require you being on your feet a lot on a concrete floor (that would be murder for me!) and a lot of physical work.

    I see someone else here mentioned applying for disability. Or is there any way you could live on your husband's salary? I see by your profile that he has some health issues, too. How about another job, maybe part-time that would be easier for you physically? What are your job skills?

    I work part-time as a secretary at a small college so it's a lot of desk sitting-not much in the way of physical work. You and your husband really need to sit down and figure something out as this is so bad for your health. I understand the financial concerns-my husband and I are just now getting back on our feet after my husband's job went belly up. He was fortunate to find a good job.

    Good luck.

  7. sweetpea48

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    It seems to me that maybe your very low blood pressure might be the cause of your feeling so bad. I was told one time that high b/p will kill you, but low b/p will make you feel like you're dead. 72/54 seems just too low to function well.

    Is it from taking pain meds, which will lower b/p, do you think? Or some of your other meds?

    Keep in mind that not all people are sensitive to salt as far as b/p is concerned. In many people it has no effect, especially if you are a white female.

    Best of luck to you.
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    i'm sorry you are having problems.have you taken out the caffene from your diet? That might help .Also maybe you need a different job.
    Also eating smaller meals but several a day might help your dizzyness.
    I hope you feel better