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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by pinkcdawl, Jan 12, 2008.

  1. pinkcdawl

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    Hi y'all!

    I am currently 22 years old, engaged, and trying to finish college. About 3 years ago I suffered from Mono and haven't felt like I ever recovered. I haven't been officially diagnosed with CFS, but it is definitely possible. For a while the doctors just said that the mono kept coming back. Then I got a new doctor and she said that I have an underactive thyroid. It took over a year to get that medication at the right dosage. I also am on medication for anxiety and depression. This past summer I still complained of being tired and I had a sleep study done, but that just ruled out sleep apnea. Since then I have been put on Provigil and seen a neurologist, which still has not changed the constant feeling of fatigue. School is so difficult because every semester I have to drop classes. I was hoping someone might be able to relate to my situation. If is no fun, especially being relatively young and feeling like I wont be able to do things as a result of my health. I welcome any thoughts or ideas!
  2. GigglePoet

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    This is interesting as I have fought with all of this stuff and carried my thrird child while sick. He now has never done good in school and it is a struggle to get through every year. He is now sophmore. He has had mono this year but seemed to make a good turn around, but this kid is so monotone about school has no ambitions except airsoft gun and I think he just may have a thyroid issue as he might have inheritied mine. We are very very concerned about his future. I know some of this is teenage stuff, but considering this has been going on since 1st grade, we are beyond worn out with tring to get this boy going.
    Best luck with all you are doing. You I am sure will be a great success.

  3. jaded_lady

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    Or be tested for mycoplasmas, viral infections and possibly lyme.

    I am surprised a Dr. found the thyroid issue. Drop classes if you have to until you find the solution.

    I believe my daughter had mono once and she has spells of extreme sleepiness. It interferes with her school as well.

    BTW how is the Provigil working for you?
  4. mandyau

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    Hi pinkcdawl, i understand how u feel!
    Im 25 and was diagnosed at 17 with CFS but have had it longer. I struggled through school and then tried attending other courses and finally dropped out because i kept getting sick and couldnt attend the classes. i am now studying again but from home by distance education which is alot easier. I would ask your college if thats an option it makes life so much easier even just doing some subjects from home or part time could make a big difference.

    Its hard being young and watching all your friends and people your age studying, working and partying while u miss out. alot of my friends are all buying their 1st house, my boyfriend and i are trying to save but because i cant work it makes it really hard. People also dont understand why u have to plan everything when u go out, or why cant u work, or they dont believe your sick because your young and dont look sick.

    Sorry about the long post. I would get your doc to find out what is causing your tiredness so u know whether or not it is CFS or something similar.
  5. pinkcdawl

    pinkcdawl New Member

    The provigil worked for the first 2 weeks, but then it was like my body had adapted to it and the benefits of taking the medication no longer existed.
  6. ChinaCatSunflower

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    hey, i am 22 as well and also trying to graduate. My boyfriend and I live together and the only reason he won't propose is because he wants me to be in the same stage in my life as he is in his. He is doing great in his job and is always pressuring me and bringing up how I haven't graduated yet. I dropped a whole semester because I was raped by a fellow student who I knew in high school and thought was a friend. I have been clinically depressed for a long time now, I am taking wellbutrin and cannot find a talk therapist that I am comfortable with. No one shares my spirit, I need a therapist who understands my inner being (not to sound so cheesy but its true). I feel like once I fall off the wagon and even just miss one class, I give up on myself and feel extremely guilty. I am missing classes today because I am sick but it's making me feel depressed and guilty. It's like this horrible roller coaster that deceives me every time. I should know by now that following a happy streak, darkness is looming. I feel so pathetic. I feel like I can't succeed at this life if I keep feeling like this.

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