Trouble Sleeping

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jkluver, Aug 26, 2003.

  1. jkluver

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    Has any one ever been prescribed Seroquel for sleeping.I take a 100 mg,I have a very good pschyatrist who is my pain
    management doctor.She has given me everything and nothing was working,I take at night 2-600 mg of neurontin,4mg of zanaflex,xanax and now I'm taking seroquel.It's prescribed for schitzonphrenics but I haven't been labeled as one.I don't hear voices or have any of the symptoms.I am maic deppressant.She said you don't have to be Schitzophrenic
    to take it.It does not leave you with a hang over feeling after you take it for 2 weeks.I love it.I take it about 10 and I sleep all night,so if you have trouble sleeping it is great for it.I was only getting a few hours sleep a night taking dalmane.It does have one drawback they say to check your sugar often for starting of diabetes 2 but so far I'm doing great.Just thought I would bring this to everyone's attention as a suggestion.My fibro has been a real bad flare for 9 months now, its to the point I have a problem with passing out,kidney infection,can't walk on right leg without a cane,and lower back hurting where kidneys are.I also have Lupus SLE Erthymososis.So we have to take for what works.I have taken oxy for 1 1/2 years for pain.I just try to keep the painand my sleep disorder
    under contol.I say prayers for everyone on this board because were all going through it.God Bless All of You and
    Keep Your Spirits UP for God Loves us All.
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    How about weight gain? I am on elavil for sleep and the punds are starting to creep on. I will look into this drug (sick of drugs) but what do you do when you cannot sleep? I have severe insomnia and the elavil has helped but starting to wane a bit.
  3. Sandyz

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    I was on seroquel and I slept so well on it. But I went off of it because I gained so much weight on it. I gained about 40 pds in several monthes time. So be careful of that.