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    my brother in law who is 43 was diagnosed about 3 years ago with (exscuse spelling) Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, RA, Raynauds, mixed connective disease with lupas with the scleriderma. He's legal to smoke pot, which he's done all his life, he's on morphine 300mg per day (i think) clonazopin, and lamictol. Is this all normal. He' stays in his room most of the time just being high. No real dsire to leave the room. My poor sis has worked her butt off for 14 years to support him and there 2 kids and now it is even worse. w\Would'nt some kind of exersise be good? I don't know how this works.And what about the drugs? He seems to b more of an addict then sick. He doesn't eat but sweets and yells all the time and is a grouch. The poor kids who are only 13 and 9. Help someone to explain to me...
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    Doctor's don't prescribe that lightly.I have fibro and before the doctor upped my pain meds I laid curled on the bed half the day.You are a good sister-in-law to ask before you condemn.The fact of his past with marijuana ,he might have been using that for the pain.A lot of us have it for years before we are diagnosed.I would think that he would be having depression because of this.If it is, and he would accept counseling it might help everybody.

    Just my opinion,Hope this helps,.........Welcome to the board Linda
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    Thank you for the info. I just hope that this all doesn't kill my sister. She has to deal with an awful lot for 38 years old. She'd doing it all. She's a very strong girl but I see her losing out on not only her husband, but a companion because hes so high half the time that he cant talk with her let alone help her to raise their children or go to work. These are some serious diseases. Hope the best for you dear. Thank you!

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    My brother in law is addicted to morphine. He has diabetic neuropathy, although we are not sure how much pain he is in. He is very manipulative, and has the doctors wrapped around his finger. He's on disability & just lays on the couch all day. He is abusive to his kids (4 & 6) & my sister & everything is all about him. They went to the Pumpkin Patch, did what he wanted to do & then had to leave because "the wind was hurting his ears". He didn't even let his kids get pumpkins. My sister just lets him roll right over her & does nothing to protect those poor kids.

    I agree that counseling would help, but only if he wants help. Unfortunately, it can be very hard work to be a good mom or dad, or companion. A lot of people just don't want to work that hard. Sometimes it is easier to just let things keep happening the way they are then to decide to do something about it. Oh yeah, exercise is very beneficial for fibro-the longer I stay in one place the more stiff I get.

    Good luck & take care,

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    Thank you Leanne. It sounds like our sisters are going through the same crap. Yah, He's always been very verbally abusive and now he's got reason and also my sister has reason to be in denial and blame his abuse on the pain meds and diseases. Yes I am sure it is depressing, but damn it to hell, he hass a wife and 2 young kids. Try to make yourself get up. Actually as we speak, they are in California in Disneyland. She said he stayed there for 6 hrs and had to go back to the hotel, which I can see. We just moved here from cali to Washington to be close to my sis and her kids, but not to hear him and see him the way this is. Know what I mean? I really and truely am not trying to say that he's not sick, but its not all about him. Makes me angry. Thank you so much for responding....

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    your sister should give it right back to him.Disease is no excuse to be mean! Linda
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