"True Happiness is Mine,"

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    "True Happiness is Mine,"
    Saith the Lord.

    True happiness will always be
    A place of beauty and solitude,
    With everlasting light
    And a lot of gratitude.

    A place of happiness is a new beginning
    And placed by God within our heart.
    It's given with the realization of God's love
    And blessings, right from the start ...

    A place full of hope and
    Goodness and the golden rule,
    "Do unto others as you would
    Have them do unto you."

    My being swelled,
    With so much pride,
    When I learned how Jesus
    Came and how He died.

    As I say my prayers
    At the end of each night,
    I ask my Savior to watch
    Over our nation and let them heal.

    For, true happiness
    Will come from Jesus
    And everyone will know
    Just how it feels.

    You can have true happiness
    If you let the Lord take out the old
    And restore the new.
    A brighter tomorrow belongs to all you.

    © 2002 by Nancy Hoback