try B-6 for CTS or numb hands/feet?

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    If you have CTS or numb hands/feet, vitamin B-6 MAY help you.

    Several years ago, my dad (a retired ob/gyn) copied part of "Guide to Healing with Nutrition" by Jonathan Wright for me. (Searching for Jonathan Wright shows the web page for Dr. Wright’s Tahoma Clinic, "one of the finest nutritional medical clinics in the world". Looking through the articles available on the site, you have to pay $10 to get their article on CTS.)

    Since then, I’ve been taking B-6 for my numbness, and it’s helped me a lot. I still have some numbness, but it’s minimal and rarely noticeable.

    If you do an internet search for "vitamin B-6 dependency" you’ll find sites that say something like "studies on the use of B-6 for treating carpal tunnel syndrome show no benefit" as well as sites that say B-6 *does* show benefits. I guess whether it works depends on the person.

    B-6 injections may work better for some people than oral supplements. Or the "active" form of B-6 (pyridoxal phosphate) may be more effective, and in a lower dose, than the "normal", inactive form of B-6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride) found in supplements.

    I’m posting this info because it’s a possible alternative to surgery, and relatively inexpensive to try. I am not a medical professional.

    Please note that the book cites a study of people taking 2000mg or more/day that show apparent nerve function problems. It also says that you shouldn’t take more than 500-1000mg/day without the advice from a doctor who knows nutritional biochemistry.

    DO-IT-YOURSELF: To see if B-6 will help you:
    1 - Take 200mg 3 times/day for 2-4 weeks.
    2 - If needed, increase the dose for another 2-4 weeks. (I went to 300mg 3x/day.)
    3 - If needed, increase the dose again. (I went to 400mg 3x/day.)

    For me, I found that 1250mg/day works best, though I’m currently only taking 1200. It’s good enough, so that’s what I’m on.

    If you need to take more than 600mg/day, talk to your doctor. At least to let him know what you’re doing, maybe to see if he’s concerned with such a high dose (the RDA is only 2mg/day!).

    DO IT WITH YOUR DOCTOR: If you go this route, you may want to spend the $10 for the article (do a search on Jonathan Wright or the Tahoma Clinic), though I have NO idea if that article outlines the same info as the book.
    1 - Take 200mg of B-6 3 times/day for at least 10 days.
    2 - Have your doctor do an EGOT test (erythrocyte glutamic-oxaloacetic transaminase) for B-6 dependent enzyme.
    3 - Double your B-6 dose for 10 days.
    4 - Do another EGOT test.
    5 - Continue to do this until there’s no appreciable increase in the test results. (This shows your "saturation level" though he says that it’s not been established that saturated activity is always the best or healthiest level. Please note that the book was written in 1984 and studies may have been done since then.)

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    My GP was concerned at the level of my sensory neuropathy, she thought I might be taking too much b6. My dose was fairly modest at that time but it reminded of the benefits I got from b6 years ago so I upped my dose.

    Result - better sensory feedback, still not as I'd like but best it's been for years.

    The irony of this is it eased the very symptoms she thought were related to too much b6.


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    Thanks for the input tansy & layinglow.

    I didn't mention B-12 injections because they didn't work for me. But I know they help lots of people and I'm glad they work for you, LL!

    After posting the original message, I remembered more from the article (and it may explain why some studies found "no benefit for CTS"). I guess 600mg/day of B-6 is usually enough to help with carpal tunnel, unless you're a B-6 "dependent" person (or however that should be termed).
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    I'm getting B-6 (1000mg) in IV, 2x a week.
    Results from an organics acids test revealed a marked deficiency in both B-6 and Vitamin C.
    This week I received both, as well as B12 and Bcomplex, in an IV.

    Just yesterday, after the second IV, I felt more clear-headed, and less cramping in my toes.

    Thanks for the infor,

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