try easy, cheap approach to decreasing pain and tiredness of FM

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    10/2 NEW info /14 years in remission/ free protocol available

    find the details in the post with the title above.
    The most important elements are the b1, a good multi and not eating any calories after an early dinner.

    Give that part a shot and if it helps you might try the rest of the protocol. This is helping two people so far and others are giving it a try to see if it helps.
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    Someone willing to help... w/no fee involved! Cool!
    I knew I came to this board for a reason Okay~ why not try this - Lord knows I've tried just about everything else! I take lots of supplements daily...B1 is not one that I take extra of. I take a daily multi, one that I think is a good one with more of the supp's I need for FM- without paying and arm & a leg! Although they aren't doing me much good right now -I'd still like to keep 'em! ;)
    OKAY- question here~
    What brand b1(can you post it here)is a good one, and the daily dosage? I can spend hours reading those darn labels and I'd rather not so this would be most appreciated.
    I do so much research that it's driving me bonkers!
    I'm very interested in your protocoland am very willing to give it a try- starting- now!
    THANKS for sharing your info : )

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    I couldn't find the details. Would you please be more specific, do I google for it or what.

    Forgive me, I am not with it as ususal.

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    I buy whatever is cheapest for b1, usually the grocery store brand. I have tried allithiamine, by cardiovascular research, which is a fat soluble form of b1 (you may be able to take less if you use this form. Try only 100 mg per day.)

    I think the allithiamine may be more effective. I never tried in the early days of developing the protocol. I would be interested in hearing how others who are just beginning to recover do with this. At this stage, where I am pain free if I follow the protocol, allitiamine makes a slight difference in tender points. I never notice these unless I poke at them. If I am being too relaxed they get slightly tender and I am reminded to be more careful. With the allithiamine I believe the tender points are even less sensitive than they usually are.

    Also, you can eat pork and sunflower seeds for b1.

    I would not take b1 after early eveining.
  5. kallsup

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    to find this info, search this page on my user name kallsup

    and click on

    10/2 NEW info /14 years in remission/ free protocol available

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