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    I have been in remission from FM for about 14 years. I developed my own treatment protocol partly based on the research done by Eisinger. A key element of my plan is to not eat or drink any calories after 3 to 4 hours before my normal bedtime. Obviously, don't try this if you are diabetic. I would be interested in hearing whether this helps others.
    The reason I believe this works is this. People with FM have low levels of growth hormone and also trouble acheiving deep sleep. You can sleep deeply only when in a fasting state. We also have high levels of pyruvic acid. This means we don't get into a fasting state easily. So fasting before bed helps us get to a fasting state and helps to make deep sleep possible.
    It is also a good idea to make the last meal of the day low carb.
    Use B vitamins, especially B1 to reduce pyruvic acid. Take a hot bath before bed.
    Let me know if this works for anyone else!
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    Oh, I am not related to the attorneys with the name Allsup.
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    I will definately try this. it's not hard at all to follow and makes sense. Thanks for the suggestion!!!
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    What if I am fairly often woken up due to hypoglycemic issues?
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    If you can't make it this many hours without food, try to make it until at least 2 PM, then eat something. You have the deepest sleep around one PM. (unless you stay up very late.)

    Also work on your diet overall to minimaze sugare and refined carbs.

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    Okay, I will try this, but it will be very hard as I am a diehard dessert freak and water drinker after the dinner hour.

    How long did it take for you to sleep better after starting this?

    I also hear that no eating or drinking 3 or 4 hours before bed will help with weight loss - believe Oprah had a show on that one!

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    Kallsup, I have a big question for you..... Even though you've been getting good night's sleep, how are your OTHER FM symptoms behaving? Do you feel through your own personal experience, that all or most of your FM symptoms are directly related to your sleep quality? I ask this because you say your FM is in remission from this protocol, and remission is a word we all dream of on this board.

    Thank you!!!
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    you can drink water?? I have always drank water at night but its no calories so thats okay then??


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    Interesting post. Last year, my doctor found I had high pyruvate on two different occasions (lactate was normal). I found Eisinger's work and tried a coenzymated form of
    B-1 (Source Naturals), but it didn't help. I tried to research high pyruvate, but most doctors seem to think it is meaningless unless lactate is off also. I will give your suggestion re the timing of meals a try. Thanks for the post.
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    Kallsup. Unfortunately, I take medication at night where I need to eat something.

    However, I only eat a few crackers.

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    It makes sense. I think I will try it. Thanks for the tip!
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    By the way -- - - - - - - -who is Eisinger. Is there a web-site?

    thanks :)
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    interfere with the body's go-to-sleep signals.

    I find eating in the 3 hours before bed must be limited to carbs and fat - a few crackers with butter or some such.

    If I don't eat at all after supper, I wake up after a few hours needing food.
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    Please see my other posts titled in remission 14 years/free protocol

    I have virtually no FM symptoms at this point. I did start this journey in pretty rough shape though.

    Sometimes I feel so good that I wonder whether it has gone away and perhaps I could stop folowing the protocol. But then I start stretching the limits, eat too many sweets, eat too late etc and wake up with achiness and tender points. I usually catch myself before that however. I test my tender points regularily and if these become sensitive, I make a stronger committment to adhere to the protocol.
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    Here is an abstract of the article that I believe is the key to understanding FM.

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    I am computer foggy right now. I found the first abstract. I tried the second and it came up with something about Ron Paul and corn sweetner.

    Is this the same Ron Paul who is an independent candidate for president of the US?

    Did I get the right sites, LOL!!