Try this for Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia

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    This has taken me about two years to figure out. I hope it helps you too.

    Eliminate the food additive Carrageenan from your diet.

    I was having weakness, muscles spasms and pain which were growing progressively worse. It took me some years to realize two things exacerbated my problems. Ice Cream and toothpaste. Both of these things have a common ingredient, Carrageenan. I had changed my toothpaste to Colgate about two years ago. Prior to that I had always used regular Crest which does not have Carrageenan in it.

    After eliminating Carrageenan from my diet my energy returned fully. AND no more muscles spasms and pain. It's been a miracle for me!

    Carrageenan is in a LOT of foods. It is there to make foods more creamy. It is in yogurt, ice cream, sour cream, toothpastes, packaged deli meats, a million processed foods. You just have to check the labels on everything! I've found it can also be a hidden ingredients. Condensed milk, cream and half and half may have it without listing it. It is used in vinegar as a clarifyer. I have also eliminated all foods with vinegar in them.

    After I figured this all out, I looked up Carrageenan on the internet. There are sites out there that talk about the Carrageenan problem. I was so surprised!

    I admit, changing my diet that drastically has been hard, but well worth the trouble. I feel great !

    If you do nothing else, change your toothpaste to one that does not have this ingredient. Give it a try!

    If it works for you, please post a response so others will know about it.
    Good Luck!
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    Thanks for the info. I'm glad this worked for you! I think I've eliminated carageenan unintentionally (no dairy, sugar, etc.) and unfortunately it hasn't had the same effect. But I'm sure it will work for others!
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    Many think our food intolerances may have more to do with bad reactions to food additives and preservatives, as well as naturally occurring substances such as amines and salicylates.

    I'm just now exploring how salicylates, as well amines, and other natural substances may be contributing to my CFS. When I had my acute onset of CFS, 20 yrs. ago, I followed the yeast-free diet in the "The Yeast Connection." I cut out
    cheese and ate lots of nori-make seaweed. Ate no dairy, including yogurt. Went to ocean a lot, away from the mold and synthetics in my apartment. Cut out all caffeine. Within a year, I had significantly improved, especially my brain fog.

    Anyhow, I've had 3 more relapses since, approx. once every 6
    yrs. Each one has lasted about a year. Until this last one, the fourth, I never took vitamins or supplements. A nutritionist I'd seen the first time, who had CFS, said that basically everything I put in my mouth was perceived as a poison by my body. I believe now that what he was saying was that my system, my adrenals and immune system were in a hyperactive mode, so I'd become intolerant of multiple foods and chemicals. And, only, by slowly relieving my body of those foods and chemicals, one by one, could I see which ones were stressing my body the most.

    Each time I recovered I was able to - and did - return to eating and using all kinds of chemicals, including eating dairy and drinking caffeine, and eating sugar.

    I guess what I'm saying is that I believe that as a result of my diet, and repeated exposure to food, environmental toxins I brought on relapses, and more food intolerances.

    From what I'm reading about food intolerances, and perhaps, allergies, as well, these things are cumulative so that we can get strong(as I did), only to relapse later from overburdening our bodies with foods or chemicals we're mildly intolerant of. So that other stresses such as physical and emotional stresses can come along and push us over the edge into this DD.

    Sorry, I know I'm digressing here. But I'm realizing that cumulative food sensitivities are probably what have caused this relapse/remission cycle in my dd. I see evidence that this began in childhood. I think I was born with weak adrenals.

    And, apparently, you can suddenly havea set of symptoms to foods or chemicals that previously you had no reaction to.
    Or, if you have been eating certain foods continually, unless you eliminate them for 2-3 wks, then reintroduce them
    in a big way, you may not notice specific negative symptoms.

    Now, I'm focusing on eliminating salicylates, including most
    herbs, which are high in them, as well as amines, which are found aging proteins, such as cheese and most meats.

    I'm going to eliminate all my supplements, except my Armour's thyroid, and, one by one, see which foods cause reactions.

    Thanks for the topic. It definitely has helped me put more of this together.