Trying disability rehab/anyone else try?

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    I have gone to school and graduated over a year ago, and now went through so many jobs this past year, my neck and back, the fibro symptoms, its causing me to lose the jobs.

    I got a suggestion from a fibro friend about trying a state program out. Its for people with disabilities, they offer a counselor to help find ways to be more prepared to go into the work force. Also offer ways to make it work, once getting employed. I went to school for Admstrative Assisting, so looking into maybe trying my hand at a virtual assistant, working from home. They also offer job placement.

    The place I am going to also offers phyisical and occupational therapy too if it would be helpful in maintaining employment. I got fired from my last job, missed work days caused that. I have been off work now for 2 months. They also offer advocacy. I find it disappointing when employers dont understand limitations. I think too if when working the employer this time around will know I have a disability, and not hiding it anymore.

    Going to give it my best shot at this, my appointment is jan. 2nd. If it dont work out, then I am going to file for disability benefits.

    I seem to feel better since not working, dont feel so pressured in finding a job, like I can take my time in trying to feel better. Its like a big load off my shoulders, and that in itself has caused me to be happier.

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    welcome... looks to me like your nick is new... yes yes yes you must be talking about Vocational Rehabilitation and here in SC.... these are the nicest people I've ever dealt with... they have an eval program to test you and see just what your "real" limitations are.... they evaluate everything from your physical to mental status and provide EXCELLENT advice re: workplace issues... they'll teach you how to deal with employers and stress.... I did it, tried to go back to the workforce and "fell on my face",,, so I went back to my counselor who on the last visit told me that voc rehab will support the disability decision. They are not only a state agency but have matching federal funds in my state and this will help me re file my SSDI.... I highly recommend this agency.. They are the greatest here in SC.... They got me moving with exercise and since I went out there, my life is more on the "healthy" track for one thing... I think you will find this to be a great experince. Only one thing to remember,,,, if you don't hit it off right away with your counselor,,, ask for another til you find one you like.... this person may be extrememly influencial in your hiring process with an employer and it may end up being someone you have to bear your soul to! so get comfy! and Good luck!!
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    Yes! Thats what it is, vocational rehabilitation! I am so glad you replyed to me, and told me a little more about it, and some tips like that about a counselor. Its so much appreciated! I hope it does work out! Or at least like you said head me in a more healthy direction/path.