Trying Employment while waiting for LTD lawsuit and SSDI

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sunburst, Nov 16, 2005.

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    Like so many of us, I am trying to keep pushing through all of the tape to cross the finish line dealing with LTD and SSDI. Meanwhile, trying to figure out what direction I am going in.

    I received LTD payments for about 8 months then they denied me(granted payments didn't start until after 5 months of kicking and scratching only to be told that me receiving any payments was a "courtesy")in August 2004. I appealed the deniel only to be denied again. I obtained an attorney and a lawsuit was filed just a few months ago. This process started back in December 2003. I also applied for SSDI in March 2004. I was denied twice and have been waiting for a hearing since December 2004 (attorney brought in after first deniel)

    I am 35:FM,IBS,hashimoto/hypothyroidism,depression,high blood pressure, myofascial pain, endometriosis, new on-set diabetes, and at next appointment first of December rheumatologist will probably be adding lupus and chronic fatigue (dr was very frustrated at last appointment with continued issues with no relief and wanted to go back through all of my records before definitely adding diagnosis-been sitting on symptoms for quite some time).

    Throughout all of this I have been very fortunate to have parents who have been able to financially support me somehow (they have been paying all of my bills since August 2003 with the exception of eight months). I have drained what little retirement they had and mom has returned to employment to further help with finances (We live over 1200 miles apart-although see each other quite often). The financial strain has certainly taken it's toll on everyone and there is no money left at this point. Unexpectantly, I was recently contacted and offered an employment opportunity from a company to do a trial run to see what would happen since I have not worked since August 2003. Due to financial situation feel I must try something despite physical situation/issues and medical advice. I consulted both of my attorney's to get their opinions about doing a trial work situation to see what it would do to my cases. Well, an opinion or assistance would have been helpful but it has been over a week and no opinion or update. Can't even get a return call. So, due to not being able to get their opinion's the employment opportunity has slipped away because they could not continue to wait.

    Disappointed,..... was great opportunity to try and they were willing to fully accomodate with equipment, schedule, working at home if needed, flexible hours, and really supportive with wanting to make me as comfortable as possible during trial phase. I didn't even have to ask. I knew someone there and they were familiar with my condition so, when they contacted me they already had their ducks in a row. As much as I wanted to tell them yes,I did not want to jeopardize all the hard work up to this point of my doctors, attorneys, and myself without getting opinions and guidance. Not even sure I'm ready physically, emotionally, or mentally to be in a working environment.

    Does anyone know what doing a trial employment run would do to the status of my cases while waiting?

    Thanks for listening.
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    go to

    and yes you still can work and make under *830.oo a month and will not affect your i had some months that i had worked whiling awaiting my hearing and i did make over that amount...i still one my case...and my attorney said it could work to my benefit, especially one job let me go cause they said i could not multi-task. that went in my favor... i worked some other jobs and made over that amount and from what i recalll at the hearing the judge didn'teven bring it up. and my attorney told me that if it did just tell him my financial woes and we could use it as a trial period.

    so go for it if you need to live.

  3. pirtpain

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    I am not sure, but it may be difficult to work and try to get your disability too. The red tape is unbelievable and they will go back & forth with how much and days in between. They will have a hay day with the whole thing. I am very surprised that your employers are willing to do a trial with you. What great people! I hope it all works out for you.


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