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    Hey, my Dr. give me a new prescription for a drug called Trilepal. It is a drug for epileptics and he is using it for fibromyalgia "stress alarm" flare-up control. Did any of you hear of Trilepal(oxcarbazepine), and did any of you try it? Did it work for flares?
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    I was on Trileptal for a year.

    Make sure you get your sodium and chloride checked frequently. If you read the side effects, up to 6% of people get the low sodium and chloride. I ended up in the hospital and I was taken off the it and within a week, my levels were fine and have continued to be normal.

    My doctor switched me to Lamictal and it is doing the same thing without the side effect.

    I take it to help my AD as they tend to wear off after a few years. I did not noticed a decrease in flares on either medicine.

    Are you taking Trileptal for a different reason?

    The information is now printed in the flyer that comes with your medication. This is a recent addition.

    The former flyer said notify your doctor if you have had low sodium or chloride in the past. I had never had the low sodium and chloride before.

    But this was my reaction to trileptal and we know that each of us may react differently to the same meds. I am not trying to scare you about this medication. It really helped my AD and evened out my moods as does the Lamictal. It does not have this side effect.

    However, it is a smart idea to monitor your levels.

    Did your doctor tell you about this side effect?

    Hope this helps.

    Take care, GA
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