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    I have been adding new herbs,vitamins, and supplements to my daily regimen of taking my meds... and I think they are helping! I really honestly do. :>))))))))))))))))) Big smiley for that one! I now take an OTC migraine prevention med along w/ B2 vitamin that is supposed to be a good preventative for migraines. I am taking the B-12 sublingual tablets for energy and hopefully cognitive function. I am also taking 5-HTP now, just started,for migraines and fibro.I have read that it benefits migraine sufferers. I am alos hoping that it helps with mood enhancement/depression. All the research I have done on 5-HTP has looked really promising. Has anyone tried 5-HTP and had any good results they would like to share? Oh! I am also taking it for more restorative sleep. It is supposed to be so good for so many things! Hope so anyhow! :>) Lastly, I started taking Ginkgo Biloba today - for mental alertness and memory and better cognitive function. I haven't had to go to the ER for the past two months for bad migraines so this is definetly an improvement. We had gone to the ER 1-2 times each month since I had gone off my meds to try for a baby. I think the Lyrica might be helping with the migraines as well. Anyone else taking any of these? And how have u done on them? Notice significant changes? Love to all, Carla
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    bump :>)

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