Trying to Cope with blepharitis

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by JenSmith, Oct 8, 2004.

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    I have had blepharitis for two months. I have been doing the warm compress/baby shampoo treatment and I am still in agony. The constant washing of my eyes is tortures. I have recently switched the babyshampoo for Blephagel. Its new and doesnt have my eyes cry of pain afterwards. I have used the antibiotic eye ointment but made it much worse. The only thing that worked for the first two weeks was the TobraDex (steriod drops). However I cant take them anymore due the side effect being glaucoma.

    When does it usually get better? When will I be able to wear makeup? Has anyone tried nathuropathic medication? Do the red eyes ever clear up? Has anyone had to miss work due to the embarrassment of the way your eyes look or because of the strong itchy pain?

    I have been searching on line in hopes to communicate with someone who shares my chronic disorder
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    Hey Jen, im sorry you are having a bad time, i also have had blepharitis for about two months, even though it feels like an eternity!Its agony for me even though i am told i have a mild case of it. I have tried tobratex with no relief and my doctor has me on alarex now. I have read that doxycyclne can help with red eye and i am taking it now but on my own since my doc didnt prescribe it yet, i got it from the derm for acne. I havent worn make up for about a month after i figured out it felt like acid on my eyes. My eyes are red and lids are swollen and my lashes are not quite the same. THe warm compresses help release the trapped oil and feel great for awhile. I am told to be patient because it can take a very long time to control. I hear that some people can wear makeup again and others cant. I hope someday i can. i understand your pain. Good Luck!
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    Hi, I read your message of problems with eye blephamide and my dermatologist has prescribed Blephamide S.O.P. ointment#3.500 and it is the only thing that has helped clear it up for me and I can wear makeup.I also have excezma and use a shampoo and cream for brows and face. I would ask my dr. about this. Good luck,