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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by gurlinottawa, Oct 11, 2006.

  1. gurlinottawa

    gurlinottawa New Member

    HI all, just thought i'd try some online support. Certainly not getting it from the doctors. I have been suffering with increasing health problems for about 4 years now. The pain, the operations, IBS, ADHD, all of it. I cant seem to get a diagnosis. Or a doctor who will stop looking at the outside of me, which looks like a young healthy girl, and FEEL my pain inside. Headaches everyday... aches through my body, i can barely hold a phone to my ear... eye strain, headaches, neck pain, shooting pain through my shoulders, knees, hands, numbness in my toes, .... and then other days.. brilliant, no pain.. any suggestions from those who have struggled with getting a diagnosis? I have gone to a neurologist to ruleout MS about 8 months ago, so doctors figure, well theres no problem. Neurologist pushed on what are supposed to be trigger points to determine fibromyalgia, i didnt scream, so he said, no you dont have fibro... I guess Im making up the pain! I even had surgery 2 years ago, and i kept telling the nurses, while crying in agony I need more drugs, the pain is unbareable, they figured i was a druggy or something.. but i was in pain, the drugs they thought were enough, were not!!!

    I realize most of you may be from US, but im sure health care doctors and hospitals are the same there and here, except for what we pay. What do i have to do to get someone to help me? What kind of Doctor should i see... I have so many issues, fibroids, IBS, ADHD, Anxiety, pain through my whole body... urgghhh.

    thanks for hearing my rant if you still with me... im sure it is a familiar story.. doctors look at me like im a hypocondriac when i enter the doctors office... i hate that... they are supposed to help, and be sympathetic no?

    peace and look forward to hearing from you.
  2. dragon06

    dragon06 New Member

    I know how hard it is to get answers. I am also from Ottawa but live in the US now. My mother also has this dd. We both went through our share of crazy doctors and bad doctors before we found some that would work with us.

    I would try the Pain Clinic at the Civic Hospital, I know my mom used them for years. Dr. Thompson used to be the head there and very good but I am not sure she is still with them.

    Since I am now living in the US I don't use a Canadian doctor anymore so I don't have any names to give you. Try giving the Civic outpatient a call and see what they require.
  3. marsupialmama

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    and I'm in Ontario as well. My familydoc has a policy of "Two Issues Per Visit". If I were to go symptom by symptom it would be a full time job just going to the doctor. Blah.

    I'm seeing a naturopath too and she wondered about Fibro. Fortunately my family doc is sympathetic to naturopathy. I hung around this board and read up a bit about Fibro, and compiled a symptom list.

    Then I went back for x-ray results (of my feet, which HURT like the dickens but nothing signif came up on the x-ray) and I said "For my second issue, my ND thinks it may be fibro" and gave her 3+ pages of symptoms...

    I also told her I think it's something systemic and that candida may also be an issue.

    She took an armful of blood and I go back to her next week for those results. She may refer me to a rheumatologist, depending on the blood results.

    Alternative remedies may be useful for you too. It seems that food sensitivities and allergies play a role in these DDs too. That idea plus my weight problems and frustration with so-called whacked out "diets" offered by gyms and fitness places is why I went to the ND in the first place.

    I hope you get a sympathic medical ear soon.

  4. charlenef

    charlenef New Member

    it sounds like you have cmp(chronic myofascial pain) i saw a pain management dr to get a dx.look up some of hayleycoles posts she has written a bunch of info on cmp it should help you to see if this is what you have. good luck to you charlene
  5. Redwillow

    Redwillow New Member

    Hello to Gurlinottawa

    I am from about 2 hours east of Ottawa. I understand your frustration very much. I am 47 but have had FM symptoms since I was in my teens. It took until I was 45 to finally get a diagnosis.

    I was finally diagnosed by a rheumatologist. FM is not really a arthritis condition but a lot of people get sent to see a rheumatologist since we are in so much pain.

    I see a really wonderful rheumy in Kingston. Is that too far for you to drive?

    As for the neurologist pushing on your trigger points and you not screaming that is ridiculous. I was diagnosed with all 18 points but never screamed. The Rheumy gently pushed on those spots and asked me if it hurt. I said yes and also told her that it didn't matter where on my body that she pushed because everything hurt. She just nodded her head and said yes that is probably true.

    There is also a wonderful organization based right in Ottawa called the National ME/FM Action Network which has a links for physicians and lists of local support groups. They are doing an amazing job of raising awareness in Canada.

    We are not supposed to put email addresses on here but if you put the name into a search it will definitely pop up.

    If you phoned one of the local support groups they might have lists of doctors that they would suggest who diagnose and treat Fibromyalgia.

    hugs Redwillow
  6. gurlinottawa

    gurlinottawa New Member

    thanks so much for your support. everyones support. so glad i found this online group~~ i had a doctors appointment yesterday and didnt even go.. im so sick of getting no where. I did go later in the day, since now i have some weird problems in the lower regions, which after the doc saw me, said no theres no problem... do they think Im nuts!!! Im in crazy swelling and pain, and theres no problem!! I give up with the health proffession.

    I was going to finally go to the doc, and say, after this i give up. Please help me with my pain!! send me somewhere!! rhematologist? neurolist already rules out MS, about 6 months ago.. so Im fine right!!! urgh...

    I cant afford naturopaths but thats the way im going to go now. the only thing that relieves my pain is Medical marijuana, now if i can just get a doctor who would prescribe it... yeah, good luck... there are docs in Canada that do.. but who? and ofcourse, those people who dont need it, are trying to get this also not allowed.

    I said to my boyfriend yesterday, i give up.. I dont care if i die of cancer... i am not goign to another doctor until a frigin emergency vehicle takes me there, thats the only way something will get done i figure.

    thank for your advice, i will seek this information and try the massagy thingy you recommened. I have tried some hand held devices but when i am in flairup and in need of pain relief, its hard to even hold a cell phone to my ear, so is this a hand held kinda thing?

    peace and pain relief in your day!
  7. gurlinottawa

    gurlinottawa New Member

    and for the hugs, i could cry with this frustration...

    sick of feeling like a hypocondriac... (spelling)? lol

    hugs back i will check out your resources thanks a bunch.

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