Trying to get a diagonisis for this problem

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    Hi all, i found this forum and really felt i could maybe find the answers i am seeking here as well as maybe find people who are going through the same thing.

    Firstly i am a 27 year old male who has some odd symptoms but having read around i feel confident that i do have CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome), the only problem is that no doctor has diagnosed me with anything and for that reason i am left to basically support myself financially, i feel at a loss. I am simply seeking confirmation through others that i am right in my assumption this is indeed CFS.

    I believe this all happened because of a trauma i had for 6-9 months back in 2012, this trauma built up so much that i believe my body reacted to it.. this all started one evening when i sat down eating my dinner and i suddenly was overcome by this really strange weakness all over my body, my head felt weird and at one point I was scared my body was shutting down. Later one of my arms started shaking like crazy.. and my legs were also shaking, my legs almost impossible to stand on, my legs were like jelly and ice cold!

    The biggest concern was that lifting my arms and legs was very difficult like they were being weighed down by something invisible, I would say that it feels similar to having flu constantly in the way it makes your muscles weak, that is the best way i can describe it. Writing essay papers was harder as my arms constantly got tired and fatigued from being in a raised or tensed position and brushing my teeth. I have to ask if people feel the intense muscle fatigue in their bicep muscles like i do? My arms would simply drop dead with a weird type of paralyzing fatigue.

    I have been like this for the past 3 and half years and that amount of time keeps growing. I am scared i may have this forever as there is no sign it is going away.. this has ruined my chance of continuing my degree and living life to the fullest. Its really ruined my social life to boot and all other prospects such as wanting to settle down, get a job and get my own place, for now i am living with my parents and feel like such a burden on them at times. I sometimes wonder how i am going to support myself in the future if i cant even do physical work.

    Of course i have come to accept it now.. and yet i still have no official diagnosis for this problem from ANY doctor out there (how can this be?).. Walking long distances like i used to is no longer possible.. then there are other symptoms such as memory problems, crunchy muscles/joints, breathlessness, palpitations etc. I went for a head MRI some months back and my head MRI came back fine which is a good sign.. It was then i found out i had low cortisol.. i feel this has some relation to the issue.

    Does anyone know if CFS ever truly goes away or if there is some proven thing to help it? With that said.. Does this sound like CFS? Thanks for reading.
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    Welcome jay185, I am new to this forum too, but not to this debilitating disease. I don't know if you have CFS or not. One symptom that sets CFS apart from the rest is Post Exertional Malaise. That is if you exercise or exert yourself, for some this can be walking to the bathroom, anywhere from 24-48 hours later you will begin to feel sick - as in flue like symptoms - and progress downhill from there. Sometimes it can take 2 weeks or more to pull out of it. I noticed this several years before I knew I had CFS. I would go for a walk, maybe just over a mile, or walk on my treadmill and two days later I was sick. This would last for two weeks before I would feel OK again.

    I have not been formally diagnosed either. My Dr. said I have FM. But because of the Post Exertional Malaise and the debilitating flu-like symptoms, I know that I have CFS. I may have FM too, but the pain is not near as bad as the flu symptoms for me. You don't really have those symptoms according to your description.

    However, the thing is, is that I don't really care if I have FM or CFS or if it is residual effects from the West Nile - which is when this all started for me - it is the symptoms that I am dealing with no matter what name you put to it.

    There are things you can try and diet is the biggest one. Supplements are next. A good diet consists of lots of fresh, raw foods - fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds - no chemicals, preservatives, etc., cutting out gluten and dairy are always beneficial, and no processed foods and NO sugar. Do you have anywhere you can improve on your diet?

    A good vitamin, mineral supplement is also very helpful.

    And lastly, do you have a Naturopath or Acupuncturer in your area? I would definitely get their opinion. They can get you on an herbal treatment that could help.