Trying to get an average cost of what injections cost for you @ Drs. Office

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  1. Beadlady

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    I saw my dr last month to review labs and she gave me a shot for Vit B12 which cost
    $ 3.00 and a toradol shot for $ 10.00. My bill also shows a charge for $80.00 for injection. That seems high to me, but I haven't had an injection in a long time. Granted I had 2 shots but $ 40.00 each to stick me??

    That $ 80.00 charge was more than the office visit which is $ 70.00.

    I do not have insurance and they have been nice and letting me payments of what I can afford. Do you think I should call them? or is this standard charge now days??

    Anyone one else have similar issues?


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  2. Jittle

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    My nurse practioner is at a new office. Her old office was one fee total of $50 for the visit and my trigger point injections. This new office is way more expensive: the office visit itself is $75 (thats just to see her and get my scrips filled) and if I want trigger point injections it is an additional cost miminum of $60. I had gotten them 2 visits ago and they sent me a bill for $90 after I already paid the $75. I really miss having good health insurance!
  3. place

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    They can order the stuff and you can inject them yourself. My allergist did this and I had to do nearly a thousand shots myself for my fertility meds. Once you get past the first time, they are easy. If it has to go in the muscle, I had my husband do them.

    Good luck!

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