trying to get help with good ,for fibromyalgia

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    Hi there.
    I'm been going threw some very tired days,I don't feel like doing anything,The days just keep passing me by.I'm to the point ,I don't go out of the house much any more.It takes all I have to go to the store for some food.I don't do much any more.,I'm not up to do any house work.It takes all I have to make supper for my husband.I feel like I'm getting old before my time.I'm only 52 years old.
    I'm on different meds,But they don't seem to be helping much.I guess if I wasn't taking anything I would be a lot worse off.I need all the support I can get right now.I get so lonely.Knowone wants to bother with me because of my medical problems.I think I'm depress alot of the time.
    I'm looking for help and freinds who can help me threw this.
    Or knows how to help me.I only have the internet.To find help for me I don't know where to look.Please some one led me in the right direction.
    I'm gaining weigh and that doesn't help.I don't get enough exerise,because I feel tired all the time.and have know energy,I must push myself all the time.It every hard to try and do thing when your not feeling well.I got awake this morning, and couldn't back to asleep.I need your help to lead me in the right direction,For someone who can get me started down the road to feeling some what better than I do now.If you live in pa.near,
    Please help me with any information on any doctor that are good in helping with fibromyalgia,deterorating disc disease and deterorating arthritis and osteoarthritis,and neaugalia
    And others,please help me.I know some others must be looking for help just like me.Where I find some who knows what I'm going threw.I want to have some part of my life back again.I wish I could have someone to talk to to keep me going each day.I need a freind to keep in contact with me.Some one to help me threw this depression.I have 4 grown children,But they don't understand what's happening they just don't bother with me because I can't do for them any more.It hurt's so much.The only time they come to visit is when they want me to baby sit.Other times I'm nothing .It isn't right.I have help them as mush as I could now.They won't even come help me to clean my house.With someone be my freind and keep in touch with me.I'm very lonely.
    And trying to cope with this diseases.please contact me as soon as you have time.
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    I understand that you are feeling really down and you have every right.I don't know a doctor in your area,but keep looking until someone understands how to help you.I understand you are lonely and hurting since your family does not help.We all need to get help and support where we know we can.Good place to start was this web site.Are you getting any therapy?It helps so much to have one person sit and talk with you and help you help yourself.It saved my life!Believe me I was in a bad way at one time-i have come a long way with my life.Is the support group near you-your hospital could give you that info.I have been in a support group for years and the friends there have helped so much.I am going to give you info where you may get some help.
    American Chronic Pain Association
    PO Box850
    web page
    the founder: Penny
    This organization has support groups all over the country and they may give you other info that could help.
    You take care and remember you are not alone. Lana56
    My email
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    My Dr., Joyce Zagursky specializes in CFS, FMS,and other autoimmune things. She's been great for me! I have CFIDS. She really knows her stuff.
    She is at Riddle Memorial Hospital in Media, Delaware County, PA. (Southeast of Phila. Intl. Airport)