Trying to Get on Disability!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by xtremepain, Feb 11, 2003.

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    Hello everyone! Wishing you all well! I know how much pain you all are in! Hope you have a pain free day, and many more pain free days! I am trying to get on disability! They are sending me to a shrink! Any suggestions I should tell him/her? Please, help me!
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    I see that you are new. I hope that you will enjoy it here as much as most all of us do. This is a place that you can always turn to and learn so much here.

    Now for your question. Just be as honest as you possibly can with the shrink. Don't hold anything back and be as open and honest about everything as you possibly can. It seems overwhelming but it really isn't so bad and most everyone with SS Disability is so nice. Except the Judges that deny you... :)
    Welcome and take care okay.
  3. xtremepain

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    Thank you for the quick response! I am is tears! because of pain, tired of being tired! Tired of taking meds! Just real tired! Have a nice day!
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    I was sent to a shrink hired by the state for my disability retirement case. I thought everything went well, but the report he wrote was the biggest bunch of BS I'd ever seen. He actually said that it is common belief in the medical community that CFS is all in the head and that I don't have that but I'm just "more depressed." How can I be more when he only saw me once?

    Even though his report contradicted everything else in my file they denied my retirement based solely on his report. My doc was so mad he set out to singlehandedly make sure that this guy is made to look like the quack he is!

    So my advice is to be careful. He commented that I was well-dressed. I happen to sell clothes and even though I haven't sold too many recently, I get my own at a discount, so it's not difficult to be well-dressed. I should have worn colors that make me look dead. Not that I usually have too many of those, but I can pull them out of my samples, if necessary!

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    When I first applied for disability I did it on my own. And I had to see "doctor". His report that I was able to work was based on the fact I could say the alphabet, and count backwards! Per him I could think clearly! Therefor I could work 40 hours.

    We also discussed the fact I can't make it through the day with out laying down at least once for an hour. And there are days I can't walk.

    But since I could say the alphabet and count backwards -- no disability.

    Then I got an attorney! He had great paperwork for my doctor to fill out.

    I didn't even have to appear. The person reading my family doctor's report (paperwork from the attorney) approved me.

    So I guess what I am saying is get an attorney. There is no up front money to pay. The attorney's fees come out of the back disability. After I was approved and it was all settled I recieved a bill from the attorney frt less than $30 - this was for filing fees, copies, etc. Money well spent