trying to go back FULL_TIME !!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by susabar, Feb 28, 2003.

  1. susabar

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    Dear Friends,
    After one more week of 1/2 days , I am going to try full-time. I hope and pray I can pull it off... I am pretty beat after 1/2 days... but I hope I can do it. I have someone helping me with the house cleaning....once a week...
    My doctor wrote, that I will need frequent rest periods. I hope they will accept that they haven't been too accomodating thus far. Hope you all have a nice weekend
    love Sue
  2. LauraLea

    LauraLea New Member

    hope everything works out for you. I am working full-time, or actually 2-part-time jobs. Some weeks it's harder than others.

    Let us know how it goes. We are here for suport.
  3. PatPalmer

    PatPalmer New Member

    If you`re beat after doing half days, why try full time? - Pushing yourself again, make sure you get those rests, good luck, hope it works out.

    Have a nice weekend too, thank you,

  4. Lendi

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    Could you start back a little slower? Maybe a few weeks at 6 hrs then up to 8? That's what I'm doing although I only went down from 9 to 6. Now I'm trying for 7 or 8. Some days I make it, some days I don't. I've only managed 1 8 hr day so far, but I'm trying. Thankfully, my boss is pretty long as everything gets done. I asked both my gp and my rheumy about taking a few months off, but they both said to try to stick it out if I can. And that working is better, emotionally, than not. I don't know about emotionally, but it sure would be nice if I could feel good physically sometimes and working doesn't do it. (sigh)
  5. catgal

    catgal New Member

    Hi Sue~~I am concerned that you are "beat" after only working a half a day and will soon return to full time work.

    I work part-time {3 full days a week}, and I am bedridden Friday and often Saturdays. It isn't until Sunday that I can actually get around and do chores. Of course, I am soon to be 54, have FM/CFS, IBS, severe asthma & allerges, degenerative disc disease with multiple back problems, pinched nerve in back of neck, and nerve damage. I had to quit full time work in 1993 even though I hated to leave my high paying, good benefits job.

    And, I know that if I absolutely had to work full time in order to make a living as I am my sole financial support that I, too, would drag my body up there every day and do it just to pay the bills and make ends meet. However, I also know that it wouldn't be long before the toll it took on me became unbearable, and I would end up flat on my back with no job, no income, no health.

    Everyone is different, and each of us have stronger or weaker staminia & stress levels. I hope you do well working full time and don't run yourself down--for it gets harder & harder to get back up. Please listen to your body and don't push yourself like I did. I ended up doing alot of damage to my body that I continue to pay for to this day. Take Special care of yourself on your time off, nurture yourself, pamper yourself, and rest, rest, rest. Best Wishes to you, and I hope everything works out fine. Carol...
  6. dolsgirl

    dolsgirl New Member

    Good luck going full time. I'm going through such a tough fibro exacerbation right now from working full time. I just try to hang in there. It's a tough week, every week. My thoughts are with you. dolsgirl
  7. nitalynn

    nitalynn New Member

    I went back full time almost 2 years ago. My key was eliminating anything I had control over that stressed me out. It involved everything from a change of attitude to how I managed lunch. I think stress is a big key in this disease.
  8. Criket

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    Good luck in your job. I had not been working since 1983 until Nov. 2001. I quit working in 1983 to start a family (I was having a hard time getting pregnant) and stay home with the kids. I decided it was time to get a part time job. I am a teller at a bank. I don't think the time I put in is too bad. But sometimes the job itself is stressful. You are responsible for every penny of your costumers' and the bank's money. The times it gets the hardest is when there is another teller off and they increase my hours and I don't have any days off. Right now there are two tellers off on medical leave. So I will be working full time for the next 2 weeks. Pray for me. I will pray for you and you working full time. Pray for strength.