Trying to have a more positive out look

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Jun 5, 2012.

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    I have found out that complaining about how I feel only gets people irrated at me.
    So I am starting to think that I shouldthnk of the things that make me happy and have broght joy into my life. Sunday my 19 month old grandaughter Maddison and I sahred some giggles and she let me hold her a few times.
    This little granddaughter is a huge mommies girl and does not let many people pick her up. So I felt so happy that Maddison would come to me and want me to pick her up.
    She has the sweetest laugh and her giggling is rather high pitched ,she gets exctied and squeals a HIGH pitched squeal, But it was worth it just to have her sit by me and let me hold her for a few minutes. Her Mom took a photo on her phone and posted it on face book.
    I also get to read to Maddi's big sister Kari, we spent the afternoon with my youngest daughter, {Mom to Maddison and Kari and Braxton who was fishing with his daddy} and my 84 y r old Mom. It was a great afternoon and I will remember it for a long time. I felt so happy and loved, Kari came up to me before they went to get the guys and gave me a hug ," I love you Nanna" when are you comming to my new house?

    So now I have some fun memories to think about when the pain is bad. I also think of my sweet grandson 20 months old Spencer. The cousins are 11 days apart Spencer is the oldest but Maddison out weighs me by 3 lbs. Mason who will be 2 in a coupld of days is the shortest but one of the most chattiest babies I know. They all bring lots of happiness to me and just thinking of those memories makes me feel better.
    I am trying to think postive thoughts and see if it helps with the pain. I can only take so much pain meds and I rather take the least amount possiable. So thinking of my three youngest grandchildren will make me feel better, they allways do.
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    with you Frieda. Balance is the key to a prosperous life. So neither should we over focus and discuss our illness with everyone, but also we should take the time when we need to put our frustrations and the things we deal with having a major chronic illness. Picking the right people to share those feelings can be helpful.

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    Some of us on here are obviously a lot more ill than others. It helps all of us to count our blessings and look for the positive things in our lives but there are times when the pain is overwhelming and to be able to come here and vent with those who understand is a blessing.

    Also, having an illness that is ignored or riduculed is far worse on the emotions than one that is recognized, and for which one receives understanding from family, friends, and medical persons. It is very hard and lonely to be misunderstood and made fun of when you're very ill.

    There are many illnesses that I'm grateful that I don't have, CFS and FM are not the worst in the world by far, but definitely the most misunderstood. That's why emotional support and acceptance are vital to us. I would never be irritated with someone for expressing their pain and frustration on here. GB66
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