Trying to live a normal life with FM pain

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Zer0, Sep 23, 2006.

  1. Zer0

    Zer0 New Member

    The waving smiley seems fitting at this is my first post. Hi everyone =)

    I decided to join this board because I'm starting to get a little fed up with feeling limited by this ailment. There are times my body just feels worn out and it's hard to put the pain out of my mind, and that shows through in my mood. It makes it hard to be around other people. Is that relatable?

    I need to get better at "bucking up" for lack of a better phrase, and I suppose that comes with time. Many people live with pain, I just haven't tryed to actually live with it yet because that means accepting you have to. Getting there, lol.

  2. TerryS

    TerryS Member

    I'm fairly new to the board. Actually just got a formal diagnosis of FM from the rheumy yesterday, but I've had the pain for over 30 least I know what it is now. The jury's still out on whether I have CFS or whatever else.

    I've been out of work for almost six weeks now with total exhaustion...wondering if FM can cause such incredible fatigue or if it's the Epstein Barr virus that has reactivated...who knows!

    Anyhow, just wanted to say welcome aboard! Maybe you can help educate me about FM.
  3. StephieBee

    StephieBee New Member

    Im glad you joined us.

    Im 25, and Ive lived with FM, CFS, RLS, MPS for 9 years...and most recently, Tendonitis.

    For 3-4 years I was on disability. I started at the age of 20. I realized after awhile that the world and my life were going to just pass me by if I just sat there. So I got off of it and tried to get a job.

    I have now been working full time for a year and a half. I just recently got a promotion.

    I have a really bad case, but I do have an awesome doctor. He has helped me tremendously.

    I do take alot of medication, but I do realize that without it, I probably couldnt hold down a job or even live a semi-normal life without them. Despite all of the medication, the pain is still extremely hard to live with...especially working full time.

    when I made the decision to go back to work, I dove in head first. I figured Id give it a try atleast and if it didnt work out then so be it. Well it is working so far.

    Just take the plunge. But make sure that you are under proper treatment before you do. You could crash very easily, and end up worse.

  4. suzette1954

    suzette1954 New Member

    Water is my lifesaver. I go to my YMCA. when it is not summer, I take waterarobics inside and during the summer, Im as the outside pool. Im an outside type of person and the heat of the sun{bad for me I already know, so no messages to me about the sun please} along with the water soothes the fibro.

    I started with the arthritis class(Seniors) They loved me and it was alot of stretching which I need. When I got bored with that, I moved up to the regular water arobics. I love it and I also have made some new friends. My Y has a large whirlpool and that helps too. Water relaxes me and we need that to fight the pain.

    Best of luck,

  5. cjcookie

    cjcookie New Member

    I'm so good at faking feeling good that most people are shocked when they find out I'm sick. Of course, my close family and good friends can tell. Some say they see it in my eyes - that's when you know it's a good friend.
  6. Zer0

    Zer0 New Member

    Sorry for responding to this so late! Thanks all for your very warm and helpful replies, you all are a wealth of information.

    terrys- definintely getting the education myself here, thanks for the welcome. Hoping all the info helps you too since you're new with this also

    prickles- the worse of the pain is around my trapezius and supraspinatus region. Now and then I have some duller pain (feels like a bruise without a bruise...slightly different than the upper pain) in my gluteal region.

    I'm female and 21. One thing I've solidly noticed is FM flairs up during and around the time of my period.

    cjcookie- Sure is virtually a catch 22, think I'm getting better at it.

    Thanks again for all the helpful responses. Going to revisit soon and weigh everything in depth.

  7. baanders

    baanders New Member

    I've been in a flare for 5 days!!!! Sometimes I cry out in pain and it's scarry.

    I invited a woman down the road to my house tonight when I got some relief. Just talking to her was sensory overload. I felt anxious afterwards. I think it's easier for us to relax our bodies when we are alone.

    best of wishes to you, dear

  8. Redwillow

    Redwillow New Member

    Hi ZerO

    Glad you could join us. I think you have a good idea by reaching out to people with FM on the internet. It is wonderful to find other people that really understand.

    As for being hard to be around other people I really relate. Please don't beat yourself up about this. Yes we have pain but we also have a whole lot of other symptoms that are equally hard to deal with.

    For me being around people causes something like sensory overload. Noise, light, certain smells like cigarettes or perfume, and just trying to follow a conversation exhausts me. Add pain into the mix and I can barely function.

    I live in the country and during the day when my family are away I try to have as little noise as possible. No tv, no radio, just silence!

    Acceptance will also come, give yourself time, pacing yourself helps but somedays no matter what you do FM just kicks you in the butt. Keep on writing to us, vent when you need too, after all we do! LOL

    Hugs Redwillow
  9. Zer0

    Zer0 New Member

    Thank you Baaanders =)

    RedWillow - I had no idea that stuff was connected to Fibromyalgia, I can totally relate. On one hand I wish it wasn't, I seriously thought I was just strange and "sensory overload" was something that could be worked with, not an effect of an incurable illness.

    Learning so much here, thanks again.
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