Trying to move in flare also have lupus, need advice please

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by cinnveet, Jul 9, 2009.

  1. cinnveet

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    I moved to Fla in 2001 after the passing of my mother and father inlaws, now i live near my mom & dad, brother, & sister. I am so unhappy down here, I am on SSI, there is too much drama with my sister, my 19 yr old son, my brother, my nephew 19yrs old. my sister has a problem and goes to a methadone clinic, finding out she also goes to a pain dr. and double dips, she has pulled my 19 yr old son & my nephew into her messed up world. I final got my son on the str8 and narrow. But the drama is still going on. It has been so bad that I few my 12yr old son up to Philly to stay with my sister in law. I am trying to get my car fixed and have my husband drive me up to philly and we are going to have him attend school up in Pa. I am in a horrible flare, just had cervical spine surgery and i am in a brace very limited to what i can do. I cant help fix the house up to put it up for sale. I dont know if I should change my address to Pa and let ssi know. or can i have 2 address's with ssi until house is sold? I dont know what to do. I have been so depressed on trying to do the right thing for my family. My sister in law is allowing me, hubby, and 12 yr old live with her. i want to be up there now I cant stand another day here. Any advice?
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    Oh my gosh,you have a lot going on!

    If you are moving(sounds like a good idea)change your ssi. You do not want it going to a house on the market and you not there. If you are staying have it come to you. Have you thought about direct deposit? ck to see how long change of address takes.

    I feel for you,Im trying to move and its so overwhelming. Fixing up house,showing it,packing then moving ugh!

    It really doesnt sound like you can help is it possible for you to leave now? staying there is stressing you out-not good. Maybe in less stress you could to a little to set up the other end.

    best of luck
  3. cinnveet

    cinnveet New Member

    I have been flying up and staying a month with my 12 yr old, now my husband and i are planning a trip in a couple weeks to drive up with my car and I will stay for 2 months and he will fly back. its so much. my face is swollen with the butterfly rash and i am very shaky, high anxiety. Plus on top we have an Ebay business to deal with and it is very hard when i am not here to help with the billing. this has helped me to put my problem on the message board. feels like some of the weight on my shoulders have been lifted. I always take everyones advice serious because i need the ideas and help as the fibro fog is awlful.

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