trying to quit smoking-need big prayers-also having surgery again

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    I have 2 cigarettes left in my pack this morning and i do plan on smoking them and saying goodbye for the last time. I have had a cough and cold, sinus infection and bronchitis since thanksgiving--they got to go!!

    I am having reconstructive surgery on my ACL on wednesday for the knee they did the othoscopic surgery on. I am still gettting too much shifting and locking, so the acl has to be repaired inorder for me to make a real recovery.

    I am hopeful-the worst that can happen is I will go through 3 months of rehab to be back where I am doc says, but he does not think that will happen.

    I can deal with the fibro, but my ability to take a walk, go shopping or just enjoy going for a drive is gone because I get so much pain in my knee, so I have to try!

    Thanks to everyone who has me in there thoughts from time to time. I do not know everyone's name one by one-but as a whole this board and the ladies and gentlemen on it id very near and dear to my heart and in my prayers daily.

    God bless

    Cathy aka griswoldgirl
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    Hey Cathy, so good to see you. I will add you to my prayers for both. Quitting smoking is one of the hardest things, been there. I'm so sorry that you have to go through surgery yet again. Be assured that God will be with you and guiding the surgeons hand. May God bless you with courage and grace my friend.
  3. selma

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    smoking is soo hard that Freud was unable to do it and had 2-3 CA surgeries on his face Jaw He smoked cigars. I hope that you can use a patch or something. Don't stop completely pre operation. They have found that the nicotine isn't good for you in any form, but especially in smoke. Why are you punishing yourself by smoking?
    I know the nicotine can relieve pain but it only does for @ a min. at a time. Hence chain smokers.
    I'm saying a prayer for you right now.
    Have a good night. Love and huggs, Selma
  4. Shirl

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    Will be praying for your smoking and your knee operation too.

    My husband quit smoking about 12 years ago, prayer was the answer for him, he said that he gave them up for the Lord, not himself.

    Shalom, Shirl
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