Trying to understand where my pharmacy is coming from?

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    I stayed up late last night trying to read all the DEAs rules and regulations on filling scripts. Maybe someone can offer there opinion. I went to the doc on the 23rd and the script was dated on the 23rd so i took it to pharmachy that day....she said that she couldnt fill it till the 1st of aug because it would put me over the 30 day supply I got on the old script (wich is now void because I filled it 5 times) Im not understanding this, if the doc has written a new script for my bupenorphine , shouldnt it cancel the old one out?? Or is she just being mean? I know they have rules to follow, I wouldnt want anyone to jepordize there job but I cant find any rules or regulations on this....please put input or experience. Thanks in advance.
    Thank you two cat doctors, I was afraid of that answer..I rescue kitties. If only everone would fix there animals and not throw them away when they are not cute anymore...we have to be their voices....[This Message was Edited on 07/26/2012]
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    Bupenorphine I believe is an opioid and a controlled substance, very closely regulated. Attempts to renew earlier or provide a new prescription that would give you more of the same meds earlier then normally prescribed, is not done and that was how addicts used to get more meds than they should have. Pharmacies do have to count per the authorities, and a new prescription right now would provide you RIGHT NOW with more meds than you should have in your possession. So the pharmacy is right to hold your new prescription until you have finished the old prescription.

    If the doctor wants to UP the amount of your prescription, then he should contact the pharmacy and work it out with them.