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    all have asked for . I cant find any links to past answers. I want to know what I am missing to ask for? Sorry for not being able to find the past answers.Thank you for your time..kathleen
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    I am not quite sure how you would do a search on this. However most Doctors do a series of lab tests for auto immune and lyme disease, and the arthritis tests to rule out all that to determine FM. It is usually pretty much the diagnostic process aside from the exam I think, at least in my situation. Hope this helps.
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    If you call Dr. Ed Conley's office or Dr. Paul Cheney's office, they will send you a patient packet which lists all the tests they do. These are docs who have clinics which charge lots of money for a one-day workup with phone followup. The do all the lab tests while you are there. I'm sure other "experts" in the field like Teitlebaum will also do this.

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