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    Hi All,

    As some of you know from my posts for 47 years I was skinny and ate all I wanted never to gain a pound. I usually ate healthy, organic food but occasionally jumped off the wagon and consumed huge hot fudge sundays, cake, etc. never to gain weight.

    Since REMERON (the most famous weight-gaining antidepressants) I've gained 20 pounds in about 5 months. I started Atkins to stop the weight gain.

    Question: My TSH was 2.2 (on a norm scale of .35 - 5.5) and last year (before Remeron, or BM as I call it) my TSH was 1.75 (on a norm scale of .4 - 4.2). These numbers appear normal but when I read Klutzo's post about TSH goal of closer to 1, I'm wondering? I've never taken antidepressants before but I know this one can cause some problems that show up in bloodwork.

    Also BUN/Creatinine Ratio was a little high and I'm wondering if high protein diet could have affected this.

    Thank you. There is so much knowledge on this board.

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    You sound like me. What did your dr. say?
    Mine told me everything was normal. You know,
    my TSH was much lower in the past, too. I should
    see if I can figure out why! I was ecstatic to learn
    that I lost 25 pounds since my visit last year.

    My growth
    hormone IGF was 70.

    These are my latest
    lab readings:

    My a.m. cortisol is 18 - the lab range is 5-25. He thinks it's okay. I didn't argue. I had a million things to discuss with him.

    BUN is 21 -lab range is 7-18 He didn't say anything.
    I saw it when I came home and read my blood work.

    AST/SGOT is 14 range is 15-37.
    I had my gallbladder removed and I have fatty liver

    Creatinine 813.3
    microalbumin 119.18
    crea/micro ratio 14.6

    micro is in flagged high but my endo says the ratio is good. My know it all neighbor disagrees.


    T3 uptake 32
    T4 10.7
    FTI 3.4
    TSH 2.48

    Lab Ranges:
    T3 uptake 30-39
    T4- 4.8-13.9
    FT! 1.4-4.5
    TSH .34-4.82

    Thyroid antibodies
    thyroglobulin <2
    there is an * under that says result is below
    sensitivity limit of test.

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    Your TSH o 2.2 is OK unless hypothyroidism or depression runs in your family. Then it should be below 2. Those labs need to catch up....their normal ranges are way off, and regular docs just accept them, which is why I only see holistic docs now.
    I don't know if anti-depressants affect TSH, but what I think of taking anti-depressants for this illness is not printable anyway, so don't mind me!
    I found over the years that exercise seems to affect TSH, and the more exercise I could do, the lower it went. I got it to go from 4.2 down to 3.44 without drugs. Now I'm trying to get it down to 1.0 with drugs. What really matters is how you feel, not the tests. Thyroid tests are very unreliable, and some research docs feel that many hypothyroid patients are not being treated since we started using these tests instead of going by the patient's symptoms like we used to. In fact, one book I have says you can track the rise in Fibro cases directly with the rise in the use of thyroid blood testing. This was by a doc who believes all fibro is hypothyroidism, and that people who say it isn't are not treating aggressively enough, or putting the dose high enough, or they are using Synthroid, when they should use Armour. He may be a bit extreme, but I think he's got a point. Docs used to listen, now they just look at tests.
    Is your BUN OK? Is your Creatinine OK? If they are, don't worry. When I went high protein my BUN/Creatinine ratio went out of range too, but as long as the individual numbers are OK, it's not a problem. I know this cause I freaked out over it too and posted on this and Madwolf answered me. You might want to search in previous posts for his answer to me.
    BTW, when I modified the diet just a bit, the abnormal ratio went back to normal.