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    I'm looking for the post where you talked about TSH levels and how the FM body doesn't use them right even tho be produce them. You said you took something for the thyroid. I was kind of wondering what it was and if you could bump that post up.
    I'm new in here and having trouble figuring out how to find things i've read so I can document some stuff to take to my next doctor appointment in April.
    This old woman's taking notes and when I hit the doctors office i'm not leaving without some answers.
    I've have read so much in here and learned of some things that might help that I want to discuss with my rheumy. The thyroid thing was something I definitely want to discuss.
    I have a cyst and nodule on my thyroid but its been checked and they said not to worry......its nothing. The TSH levels appear normal but hey.......I think I need to ask about the med and see what happens. Let me know what you think......Thank you , KADEE
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    I don't remember posting an actual article. What I have often read is that our labs can be in the "normal" range because our bloodstreams contain "normal" levels of hormones. This can be misleading because our bodies may not be efficiently utilizing them. Someone else posted that the "normal" range for thyroid is being narrowed because they were too broad.

    My doc believes in treating the patient rather than the numbers, so he prescribed Synthroid for me. My labs improved and so has my energy although not significantly. Like many things, it seemed to make more difference in the beginning than it does now, but I have been going through a rough time of it lately.

    I'm sorry I can't remember where I read about this. If you do a search here on thyroid, it will bring up all our posts about it.

    Perhaps if you repost and ask Madwolf or some of our other medical professionals on the board, they can be of more help.

    Love, Mikie
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    ...and I believe it really was by someone named Mike, not by you, Mikie!
    Kadee - go to the search feature at the top of the front page of the Message Board. Put in "TSH" and click go. If you don't find it that way, try "thyroid", though you may get hundreds on that one. Or you could try finding another post by Mike and bringing it up and clicking on his name in blue next to the initial post. That will bring up his profile, and below it will be a listing of his recent posts, in reverse order. You can then click on the one you want.
    If none of this helps, try posting to him directly with his name in the title and see if he responds. Keep bumping until he does. For an explanation of bumping, and all this other stuff, look for a place to click at the top of the first Message Board page on the right where it says "New here - read the Message Board Rules".
    All I know is that I read the TSH normal range is being lowered from 5.0 to 3.4, which would make a lot more of us hypothyroid.
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    No wonder there is such confusion. I am even confused and responded when the headline clearly stated, Mike. Sorry 'bout that; it's not been the best of days.

    Love, Mikie