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    Yes Dr. Bell is still in Lyndonville and it takes approximately a month to get an appointment. I was really surprised to get an appointment that soon. Still not sure about things. One person posted that she had to get an "out of plan referral" from her primary physician in order for her insurance to pay. The doctor I am seeing at this time (am searching for a new one) just smiled when I asked him if he had heard of Dr. Bell and said "no" and wanted to know if he asked for money up front( which of course he does ) .I know from his reaction that he believes he is a shyster and I don`t know if he will have the chest x-ray and other blood work that Dr. Bell requires done. Everything is so complicated and it seems that I can`t handle confusion and stress any more!! How I wish life could go along smoothly and not have this terrible confusion all the time. A mental decision seems so hard to make any more!! Clueless