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    Dr. Blaylock who is a very respected neurosurgeon gives tumeric very high marks.
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    It is related to curcumin and curry. I was prescribed this by my (then) doctor to put my Epstein Barr in remission.
    It also has strong anti-inflamatory properties. Good stuff, very good for you. If I ever start to viral (which is VERY rare anymore) I start my Turmeric and viral feeling goes away.

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    Hi woofmom,

    My Fibro Dr. has recently added Tumeric/ Cucurmin to his treatment protocol for anti-inflammatory purposes. It also decreases cancer cell viability, kills candida & bacterial pathogens in the gut. Here's some info off the net on Curcumin:

    "What is Curcumin?

    Who said something that tastes good can't be good for you? Curcumin (Curcuma longa) is the source of the spice Turmeric, and is used in curries and other spicy dishes from India, Asia, and the Middle East. Curcumin is what gives the Curry its characteristic bright yellow color and strong taste. If curry is too spicy for your tummy, then you can still obtain the benefits of Curcumin by taking it as a nutritional supplement in convenient capsule form. Or, if you like the heat, break the capsule open and sprinkle it on your food.

    Like many herbal remedies, people first used Curcumin as a food and later discovered that it also had impressive medicinal qualities. Over the centuries, this spice has been used as a pain relieving, anti-inflammatory agent to relieve pain and inflammation in the skin and muscles. It has served as a treatment for jaundice, menstrual difficulties, hematuria, hemorrhage, colic, and flatulence. In modern times, research has focused on Curcumin's antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anticarcinogenic, and antimicrobial properties, and on its use in cardiovascular disease, gastrointestinal disorders, and as a treatment for the liver."

    I can't say if it has helped me yet, as I'm currently on a week's "vacation" from my meds/ supps due to a stomach/ intestinal flare! My Dr. recommends 900-3,600 mg daily...starting at the low dose & slowly increasing over time.

    Interesting, huh?

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    I am going to give it a try!

  5. woofmom

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    Turmeric, duh, is the correct spelling. I can't remember exactly what he stated. But I'll give it a try. He says it helps to keep glutamate? in check. Read Dr. Russell Blaylock's websites and you'll come across it. He is an expert, and perhaps the best expert, on excitotoxins and their effect on our brains and the way it communicates with the rest of our body. He doesn't do theories or probabilities. His research and findings are based on 100% fact.
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    makezmuzic New Member

    be careful of how much you take though. it's a powerful blood thinner. i had major boody noses on it. mega clots of blood.

    "turmeric - "duhhh" it's OK, whats important is you passing on the info & we thank you for that.
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