Turn back clocks November 7

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    From USA.gov--Turn Clocks Back November 7

    The first Sunday in November marks the end of daylight time, so your mornings will be filled with a little more light and your evenings will grow dark a little sooner.

    You probably know the drill, but just as a reminder: turn your clocks back one hour, starting at 2:00am on Sunday, November 7 (Congress established dates for daylight time in the Energy Policy Act of 2005).

    Most of the United States observes daylight time, but there are some exceptions, including Hawaii and most of Arizona.

    This means if you want to adjust your sleeping, begin now. If you have SAD, it's time to get out the SAD light.
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    I always forget when to change the clocks. This time I do know and I have been using my therapy light as you suggested, but I really need to start working on going to bed earlier.

    I guess two out of three isn't that bad!! :>)