Turn for Worse Thank You to My Friends

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Elisa, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. Elisa

    Elisa Member

    Hi all,

    Things have taken a big turn for the worse. I am severely short of breath (since 5:30 AM) and the paramedics were very unkind to me today. I am alone and I am inconsolable.

    I am struggling, weak, fevered (over a year), tachycardia (2.3 mos) and so on. I am not sure I can do this much longer and I wanted so badly to let my friends know and to also let them know how grateful I am for their incredible kindness and caring.

    I have been just deeply touched by how caring this community is - it has held me up many days and I wish I could tell you how much it made my life better.

    Thank you all - I will try to get through this - but in case - just needed to tell you all.

    Love and God Bless You All,

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  2. hatbox121

    hatbox121 New Member

    Hi. I'm new here so I don't know your story but I do hope that you feel better today. Also, you are never never alone.
  3. texangal81

    texangal81 New Member

    I posted to you on another response. I feel helpless and wish I could do something. I will pray very hard that God brings you through this and you find relief when He does.


  4. Elisa

    Elisa Member

    Hi Caldonia,

    You are so sweet and thoughtful...

    I am so ill I just am not sure that I can make it anymore day to day. I have stuggled since 5:30 this am to breath - I have extreme shortness of breath - couple that with a fever and tachycardia and well - I am not sure how I will survive.

    Yes I am very depressed - but it is because i don;t know how to live through this level of suffering. It is the worst I have ever known and I have no medical help.

    I don't want to cause you or anyone a moment of worry. I just felt better thanking everyone just in case...you have been my best and only friends and I am so grateful for that. I never imagined being so alone and afraid - it is agony for me. I have not been able to get food, coordinate services - I have failed because I am so weak.

    I stand up a few second and have to sit or lay down - just so frustrating. Plus my family (parents who live elsewhere) are having a hard time with my situation.

    I am trying - and have done so for sooo long. I just felt I needed to thank everyone - because things have gotten so bad and I am not coming around at all.

    God Bless You,

  5. Pansygirl

    Pansygirl New Member

    Hi Elisa,

    I'm new to the board too but I did want to say you are in my thoughts and prayers . A very gentle hug for you.

  6. robin1667

    robin1667 New Member

    I agree,you should call 911!!!!You need to be seen right away.Please don't wait.Your in my prayers.Please keep us updated.We care,and we are worried.Gentle hugs. Robin
  7. erica741

    erica741 New Member

    I too just posted to you on another thread, but want to also reply to what you wrote here.

    You are way too sick to live alone! I know you mentioned issues with your family, but could you live with your parents until you are at least somewhat better?

    I don't want to upset you further, but if you can't breathe, how could the paramedics have dismissed you? Even if they are total jerks, aren't they risking their job and more if you can't breathe and they won't take you to the hospital?

    Again, I may have no idea what I'm talking about, but figured it's suggest things and sound stupid if may help you.

  8. MamaDove

    MamaDove New Member

    I just read your post and profile and wanted to send my love to you and Brinkley...

    We are all sending you peaceful thoughts that just may ease the burden of worry and you can focus as to how to proceed in getting well...I saw that in your profile that it was your #1 priority...Keep that focus in your mind hon, thoughts have power...

    Sending you and Brinkley big bear hugs and Angel kisses...
    Make sure you give Brinkley his (((((BEAR HUG))))) today.

    Peaceful days ahead~MamaDove
  9. Pansygirl

    Pansygirl New Member

    Elizabeth ~ just wanted to let you know that you continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. How are you doing today?
    An extra gentle hug for you.

    take care Susan
  10. deliarose

    deliarose New Member

    I feel so bad for you. I think Kelly is right, you need an advocate. Is there anyone who can help?

    Thinking of you.

  11. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    Gosh, I am so sorry you have to go through this.

    Please hang on!

    I know it must be so hard to keep trying to find something or someone that can help you.

    I have used an errand service to go to stores for me. It helped a lot. I googled my town name and errands and some companies came up. I found a lady who charged $10 an hour, and was really nice.

    I wish you had an advocate and a caregiver too.

  12. pam_d

    pam_d New Member

    I saw this, and can only hope you are a little better today, even if it is incremental; a little improvement is sometimes what we have to look for, small steps. I hate to think that you are suffering so much, and that you can't find a health professional who takes this seriously.

    I have at least been fortunate to have doctors who take my illness seriously and treat it aggressively; with FM/CFS and these "grey area" illnesses (as supposed by the medical profession), it's just so hard to find doctors who treat patients with respect and evaluate and treat their pain, fatigue and other symptoms as real, valid and serious.

    I hope this day finds you both feeling better physically and in better spirits emotionally. I am thinking of you and will keep you in my prayers. Starting Sunday, I'll be in the hospital for at least the next few weeks, but I will keep my friends here in my thoughts, most especially you, Elisabeth, since I know you are going through so much.

    (((Warm Hugs)))
  13. chubby

    chubby New Member

    I'm so sorry you're having such a scary time.

    If you can't get to the store for food, some stores will deliver. I buy most of my food from Albertsons.com. They deliver in my area for a $9.95 fee, and I live in a rural area.

    I notice someone else mentioned it may be one or more of your medications causing some of your symptoms, I agree. I have multiple chemical sensitivity so bad I can't take hardly any medications.

    I have Lyme disease, and I was having rapid heartbeat and felt like I was going to pass out for a while. When I remember to take some magnesium citrate every day I don't have that anymore.

    I hope you're feeling better soon.

  14. chrissy12

    chrissy12 New Member

    Hi Elisa,

    I just posted on another thread. Please know we are praying for you and you are not alone. Maybe you can't see us, but we are here. Anytime you want to talk, just type in your words and you will be heard. God bless, Cindy

  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    to hear that you are feeling so badly. I don't think I have "spoken" to you before but I did want to let you know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. I am sure also that alot of your symptoms are also magnified and you feel worse just being alone. That can make you feel worse just due to the stress.

    There have been so many helpful and thoughtful responses with ideas to you. I hope that some of them will help you, like the delivery of food items to you for one. Also, as someone else mentioned, is here a possibility that you could go and live with your parents (siblings, etc) again, even if that is just for awhile? I know we all would hate to have to do that but sometimes it might be necessary, at least for awhile. Do they understand your problem at all or are they also in the dark??

    Please do keep us informed. Again I am so sorry to hear about your situation and living alone and feeling bad has got to be the pits. Also, if you feel that bad don't hesitate to call 911.

    Blessings and hugs,

  16. Pansygirl

    Pansygirl New Member


    Just wanted you to know that you are in my prayers.
    I too have had tachycardia one time when I had a bleeding stomach ulcer and then again in the last couple of months but they still haven't figured out why its been happening lately ~ and I know it's very scarey.

    I hope that you are feeling better and will be able to get the help you need. Please let us know how you are doing. Hugs

    Take care, Susan
  17. richvank

    richvank New Member

    Hi, Elisabeth.

    I'm praying for you, too. Are you still with us? I hope so. Your posts sounded ominous.

  18. Slayadragon

    Slayadragon New Member

    I think you should stay with someone else until you start to feel at least a little bit better.

    Love, Lisa
  19. spacee

    spacee Member

    Ihope you are able to get to a computer and doing better very soon.

    I just recently had my blood gasses tested. They draw some blood out of the artery instead of the vein. Yep, mine were off and I do find myself with tachycardia and gasping for air at time.

    Since I have figured this out I am trying Dr. Cheney recommendation to do a breathing "program" to maximize the use of oxygen in our bodies.

    Breathe in for 4 seconds

    Hold for 7 seconds

    Breathe out for 8 seconds

    You should do this 8 times in 2 1/2 minutes. Once in am and once in Pm.

    Mikie has been talking about this for year...can't believe it has taken me so long to do. Jam338 suggests it too.

    Praying you are better.

  20. findmind

    findmind New Member

    Eliza, can you call the United Way Hotline? Please try, they can help you!

    They will take you very seriously and will not dismiss you.

    They may find an advocate for you, or someone to help you get the medical care you need.

    Please, please, call them...they are waiting for your call....

    If you call 911, do not try to be any "better" than you are; just tell them you can't breathe and then stop talking. They'll have to take you to the ER.

    Please let us know what's happening, ok? We all are worried about you and want you to get the help you need.


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