Turned down again,

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lighthouselady, Oct 15, 2006.

  1. lighthouselady

    lighthouselady New Member

    I received my denial for reconsideration for SSDI on Friday. I can't believe it. I'm nearly 56 years old, they would only have to pay it for 6 more years but they feel I can do sedentary work, humph! I finally get a doctor on Wednesday that is willing to help with the back problems and Friday Social Security tells me, sure you can work. Now I have to file an appeal for a hearing with the ALJ judge, could take a year. We're living on my husband's pension & SS. Not much to work with.

    I guess I just needed to vent, I'm going to have to do a lot of reading up on what to do in the next several months. I have a disability consultant helping me, her and her husband used to work for SS so they know the ropes.

    Thanks for listening, Judy
  2. fieldmouse

    fieldmouse New Member

    Sorry to hear this. I hope your friend can help you. I just filed and I know I will get denied but I guess thats just the way it goes. Good luck on your appeal...Hugs...Mick!!
  3. sfrazier

    sfrazier New Member

    Judy another thing that I would suggest is that you start a new claim for SSD. That way while you are waiting for an ALJ hearing you could actually be accepted for SSD and then the ALJ hearing would just be for how far back they need to go for your disability pay........SueF
  4. charlenef

    charlenef New Member

    i should be going to court soon im only 37 hopefully youll have better luck next time charlene
  5. TAM

    TAM New Member

    Hi Sweetie,

    My goodness hon i know personally how hard it is to fight for ssd but you go see a judge honey and take the papers that the doctor who is willing to talk about this
    (because he know's how bad you are) take those papers into a judge i kept getting denied also finally i had a meeting with a judge and he approved me, i really think that a face to face meeting really helps they get to talk to you and look into your eyes and really you can usually
    (not always) can tell when someone is lying. please don't give up. i know it makes your pain worse at least it did mine but go to a meeting in front of a judge.

    and i don't know if you realize this or not you can ask your doctor to go with you to court and if he says no he will be made to go so just do this for your own good, know your not alone i had to wait a little over 4 years (almost 5) before my case was approved. but i knew how horrible i felt and i am so not able to do almost anything anymore. most people have to see a judge before they are approved just be strong and you keep going i know how much pain your in!

    Extra good luck i pray and hope everything works out for you. your not alone hon when you go see that judge know that there is a tammy out there who is wishing you all the best! Bless you, tammy.
  6. jenemc

    jenemc New Member

    i was also turned down by alj. but recently found out he did not ha all my medical records, so i am starting all over again, and yes, i appealed the alj decision and was turned down there also.

    good luck!

  7. llama

    llama New Member

    Hi all,

    I've been denied twice and am now waiting on my court date.
    My last letter of denial was so smarmy and condescending.

    They wrote out every dx. that I have and lined them up with the meds that I'm taking for each, implying I should be functioning just fine because there's a pill for everything. Yeah right, like every pill cures your problem 100% and none of them give you side effects.

    The biggest smack in the face was the fact that in their list of my ailments they neglected to mention FATIGUE which is beyond a doubt my biggest obstacle to being able to work. I have such severe post exertional malaise that even a half day of work would require maybe 2 or 3 days to recuperate. I don't think it was an oversight on their part, they just knew they had no remedy for fatigue.

    Thanks for listening and good luck to all....Jill....
  8. enjoysue

    enjoysue New Member

    Keep on going, don't give up now. I'd get documentation on the fatigue and any depression and cogitive disabilities you may have since they don't want to consider the other things. I can't believe they say you can do sedentary work! I'm not asking you to fake it but are you seeing a psychologist, one perhaps that works for a pain clinic? That's what helped me immensely. He saw first hand how I lost thoughts and words in a paragraph or sentence. This dear even went to bat for me at my divorce trial without cost!! His side tried to say I wasn't disabled though I was recieving disability. His lawyer was saying had a family member who had it and she wsn't disabled! Find a good one you feel comfortable and just be yourself and let him know how frustrated you are and what your day is like. SS seems to more readily give out disability for these kinds of things because they can not be dismissed easily and fit more into their little box. Good luck!
  9. lighthouselady

    lighthouselady New Member

    Sorry, I took so long to answer, just haven't been on the computer much lately. Anyway, all of your suggestions were very good and I will certainly try. I'm also trying to keep good thoughts too. Sometimes, it just gets me down though.

    thanks again, Judy
  10. paige51

    paige51 New Member

    I know how it feels to get turned down every step of the way. my case has been remanded back to an ALJ.hope to have success this time.

    I have filed a new claim in the mean time.
    maybe the wait will not be as long as the first one.

    take care and get ready for a long slow ride.


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