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  1. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hope I got the right number. Gotta get off her and get to work. Remember I'll be gone till sometime Sat.

    Throwing in some yummy warm freshly baked choc chip cookies and cold things to drink for all inc. Joans ice water !!

  2. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Awwww...sorry you were feeling badly, empathise totally, too many
    things g oing on at once, and feeling overwhelmed. Im sure you father
    can visit again another time.

    Congrats to David for his new job!! Yes, it will certainly be a new thing
    having his car parked outside your home. im sure people are going to think
    twice before messing with you folks now...lol.

    Granni - have a good trip visiting. I hope you got the gifts you wanted to
    give daughter. Praying the surgery and treatments go smoothly im sure they
    will and for speedy recovry.

    Quiet day. brother and younger brother visited.

    made chowmein for dinner - veg so we all could hv. it turned out yummy.

    a big shower. made a quick trip to supermarket after it stopped.

    take care all

    God Bless
  3. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Where is everyone?

    I attended the birthday celebs of the founder of Pranic healing. Got about
    half a doz calls before that, informing me and i got mildly irritated.
    They keep calling to come volunteer and heal, or whatever, and never once
    asked about my brother. that too with me panicking about the inflammation
    in my side, (tho of course they didnt know about that) so i stopped taking
    their calls.

    its just that with brothers illness and going up there, my work here piles up
    and just getting to the centre takes time, and in most cases taxi money
    and they were telling me i hv to be more active. not once asking about
    me. but the motto of pranic healing is forgiveness so i better practise that!
    theyre just thoughtless.

    but yesterday i did want to go and give thanks to the Master who taught self
    help techniques. took a scarf and some sweets for blessing. last function,
    the sweetmeats smeone else had bought were not finished and left over and
    they dont keep well, so i took packets of sweets. and found no one brought
    sweetmeats, everyone preferred to bring sweets, except one lady had brought
    a basket of really wonderful homemade cookies...the best ive eaten

    after meditation they cut a cake and then i came back.

    my sides inflammation is almost gone. no burning sensation now. but
    i better pop down to the doccie and ask abut extending the five day course.
    of antibiotics.

    Julie - good luck to Amy with her tests. and nice to hear you spending
    quality time with Keira. it has been some time since we heard about her

    hopeyou feel better and pain free soon.

    Granni - i know you must be at your daughters now. Wishing you a good
    stay. One of the young girls at the pranic heaing center had found a lump
    in her breast two months ago and checked it out and altho it was non
    cancerous, there were several lumps and cysts so she had one breast
    operated on. She did it here and says the service was good. it had been
    about a month and she was there at the center helping out as usual
    (she works there) and was looking all glowing and cheerful, so dont worry
    about your daughter.

    Take care all

    God Bless

  4. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I finally got to be on daughter's computer. All is well here and come back home tomorrow.

    Have to go with daughter to the doctor for gson who has adhd and mod. autism.

    Daughter #2 had her surgery and is already home - geez but she sounded pretty well yesterday pretty good . I am sure she wil have discomfort and pain for some time. Luckily, she has a good husband and a fairly grown up son.

    Georgia - Good luck to Gpa on his new job. Hope He likes it and visa versa.

    SW - thank you gor your sweet words. Hope things are going better with your family esp sick brother.

    Will probabaly check in tomorrow sometime if I can, after i get home.

    Love to everydbby,


    Julie- Gpod bless you for all you do. I am guessing age is somewhat helpful for you but i think i was abouat your age when I got these dreaded DD's.
  5. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Georgia - sorry to hear about the kitties. poor things. I hope they contain
    whatever is ailing them.

    I have thought i should cut down on sugar, but am too fond of it. esp in my
    tea. however, ive put a stop to tea also until the stomach stops acting queasy
    and angry.

    Granni - good to hear your daughter is over the surgery. Hope she recovers
    really speedily. you must be so relieved to see her.

    I remember i was around 40 or touching it, when i got really bad with the
    CFS. the being too exhausted to move syndrome. and really long spells at
    a time.

    i hv never been a strong child nor grown up but that time was worst. now,
    i do struggle but hv some tools and things to get by. get by. this is what it
    has come to.

    like today. I had a whole month to go visit dhs second cousins sisters son
    who was back home on summer break, but going up to bro, my own spell
    of ill health side hurting, the fear of what it could be, etc..took a toll and
    i hadnt been, neither dh who leaves all social visits up to me, or most of them.

    well, when i phoned dhs aunt, to thank her for some milk pudding and chutney
    she had sent over, her daughter was going to take him and my BIL out yesterday and told me he is leaving Saturday. so i asked dh to phone and
    make time so we could pay a goodbye visit.

    the boy was busy and said he would phone us today. well i made a chicken
    roast and waited and no phone. 6pm nothing. then at 6:30 pm dogs
    start barking and theyve come without phoning. The boy, his mum, andhis
    older brother.

    well, lots of scooting around. DH was there luckily, so he held the fort
    while i made french toast. the help had made kidney beans curry, and we
    had some green beans curry from morning. so i served all of that with
    the roast chicken which they told me "was better than KFC". dh told me
    later what better compliment could i get.

    so thats that, one chore over. yay.

    take care

    God Bless
  6. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Its been an exhausting day. Son and me took brother and SIL to hospital,
    for check up before again admissions for his fifth chemo rounds.

    ride to was fine,no traffic. Ride back, horrible, roads dug up, long snakey
    lines of traffic, hot sun coming out at times, son not the most patient
    driver, turning around and trying to find alternative routes to get out of the

    he did take us to this temple of Lord Buddhas, and came with us. worshipped.

    almost spent two and half hours on drive back and could hardly keep eyes
    open during last quarter of journey.

    Georgia - good luck with G pas new job.

    it rained and its nice and cool.

    God Bless


    LEFTYGG Member

    Georgia that's great that grandpa will have work year round. I'm sure you will feel better with reg income. My dh only gets half his ss til he turns 65 which is 2013. I will loVe that check. I won't be short every month.

    Granni good to hear your dd surgery went well. They do wonders now with reconstruction. I hope she has a quick recovery.did you have a nice visit with your other dd?how far is she from you?

    Spring water I'm impressed how you get a meal together when company comes unexpectedly.i don't like that because I'm usually a mess or house isn't like I think it should be.traffic is a problem here at times too. I don't drive as much now so I'm a slow driver. My GD says Grammy the speed limit is 55 why do you go 45. I tell her that's the LIMIT not how fast to go. Sounds like your brother is doing really well.thats so great. Cancer is so scary.

    Julie I didn't see your post. I assume David is a police officer or MP.thats great. How's your babies doing. We went to football game fri with our 2 babies they were so good.babies just make me smile.i held the 3 mo old on the bleachers for awhile then my back started hurting and had to give him back. That's the good thing about grand kids.

    Hope everyone is doing good. Love gail
  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    This will be a very busy day for us all. DH just went to the tire place to get them rotated and then off to the car place to have the usual maintenance done on that before we leave tomorrow morning. In between I am home waiting for the maintenance lady to come and finsih putting in the stove top after she almost fixed itl. They sent her the wrong part the other day- geez ! I had one burner not being able to turn and then the other one quit.

    Julie - Glad to hear you are surviving OK :)!! Good luck to Amy on taking her test. Yes, things will get better as the twins grow. Every month they get a bit more independant and every year there are more adventures :)!!! Sorry to hear that Lindsey is still having asthma problems as well as the prolapse. Hope these things lessen as time goes on and that no surgery is needed for the prolapse in the future. After bawhile you won't be needed a s much and that will be good for you. We never lived that close to be of thatt much help to anyone - which has its good and bad points.

    Got home Sunday but have been busy and to lazy to post. Nothing else exciting here.

    My daughter who had the surgery is coming along and goes to see the surgeon this week I think. I sent her those heart pillows that are supposed to help with comfort to put under the arms mostly I think.

    Had a nice visit with daughter #4 and family. They are coming along OK. Went with her and DGS to the psychiatrist so he could get a script for some new medicine to try for his adhd. He is also mildly autistic. Hope these help without a lot of side effects. One of them gave him tics - not good. Seems like a smart kid but needs alot of channeling and getting him to concentrate and settle down. He is 8 years old and in 2nd grade in special ed.

    DD #3 is still looking for a job. I will find out today if she gets an interview at a family practice office where a fellow singer I know is a nurse and works there. Not sure yet if she will get an interview and if the doctor will need someone for insurance verification. Will find out this evening most likely when I go to practice.

    Oh, speaking of practice tonight a group of us in our very small group that are in the County Choral Society will be trying out (audiitioning) for a part in our first show - Dinner/Show Time in September..

    Gail or was it SW - I didn't go to visit the daughter in N.C. who had the mastectomy. That would take lots of time and probably a plane trip . The daughter we visited lives also in TX but close to the Ft.Worth area.

    Thank you ALL for your thoughts and prayers for my daughter that just had surgery as well as the one who is still needing a job. They are very much appreciated. If you all are not overloaded with prayers you might continue to pray for my daughter with no job. Her name is Susan . Lots of stuiff going on there and most not good.

    I am also missing you all as well as those MIA's. Hope to come back soon to visit. Have no idea of when this lady is coming to finish trying to fix this stove top.


  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I found Carla on FB and found out she has been very busy and enjoying herself. However, recently, yesterday or today or so, she fell and broke her ankle - great !! She thinks it is a clean break and hopes she doesn't have to have surgery. She will find out soon. I forget when she is having her doctor's appointment.

    Please pray for her that her ankle doesn't need surgery . Evewn then it will be no weight bearing for about 6 weeks. She is awaiting now for her walker to be delivered and so is using a chair instead :)!!!

    Not much time now to write now as I have to go fix dinner for an early meal so I can leave early for Choral practivce. Hope our audition goes well and I dont have fibrofog and forget my words :)!!

    Hope so more Porchies come to visit. This talking to myself isn;t so much fun :)!! TTYAL. If not before I leave then perhaps Wed.

  10. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Granni - yes hope all are well as can be and will drop by as soon as they can.

    things bit quiet round here.

    You are having a busy few days of it. And with the practise for later on

    in the year. Good to hear all the news on your visit. yes, it was me thought

    you met your daughter who had surgery.

    Its good to know your GS with ADHD has good treatment options there.

    America is a good place. I remember running high and low to search for

    a psychologist for niece and not meeting with success. Thanks for updating

    on carla. Will pray for her ankle to be healed without surgery.

    if i remember she too had a very eventful year. travelling, the house

    affected by landslide and what not. grandson.

    Julie - activity activity activity you are on the go all the time. i loved

    the meal u described. mmmmmmm. yes i i remember when u said Den

    had left hisjob and how you were helping him with the outside jobs.

    so much has happened since then hasnt it? Keiras grown. Lorraine

    was born. the twins.

    Gail - my home is always messy. lol. i ve kind of stopped trying to

    turn it into anything else. and people who visit know it i think.

    its still one of my chief goals to get some sort of order and keep to some

    sort of cleaning routine. but with the usual chores, the people needing

    taking care of, and my uncertain bouts of energy patterns, its an uphill

    task. feh! what to do.

    i grabbed some free time dh got with an unexpected public holiday and

    took him to see a bollywood movie. nice. action thriller. did its job,

    entertained for three hours.

    take care all,

    God Bless

  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    We've been coming and going and now back to weeding and doing wash - yuck !!! Oh well none of that would get done if I didn't do it :)!! I should be cleaning now but that can wait :)!!

    Spring Water - Glad your DH got an unexpected holiday and you took him to an action movie. I'm sure he enjoyed that. Hope you did too :)!!!

    Georgia - Hope Gpa is enjoying his new jobl as much as one can enjoy a job :)!! I'm sure the money coming in will be very helpful to say the least.

    Julie - i know you are a busy one with all that you do. I get all worn out just reading about your activities. Stop by when you can. Don't get yourself ill now. Good luck to Amy on her testing. I know you will be babysitting then and museum going :)!!

    Rock- What have you been up to, anything interesting or different??

    There are so many missing MIA's that I don't know where to start. Hope CARLA's ankle is doing better and doesn't need surgery.

    Have to run for me and do some more stuff. I have to check my daughter with the surgery to see how she is dealing with the pain. Hope to check back soon., I feel like I've been gone forever.

    Joan - How are you doing ? Hope to hear from you soon.

    Love to everydobby,

  12. jole

    jole Member

    Can you actually believe I got away from home? Went to GS's graduation from the Air Force in San Antonio, Tx. Thought of some of my friends here...Granni, we went through Wichita, Ks., Oklahoma City, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Austin and SA. I've never been through some of those places, and was amazed at the traffic problems on those interstates! Bumpber to bumper traffic, 4 lanes each side. Was an experience for hubby.

    The ceremony was very impressive! Much different than the Army or Marines, which barely has a graduation. I managed all this by being in a wheelchair the entire time. Was a very humbling experience, being pushed everywhere. We were to be there 3 days...I managed 2, and we came back early on the 3rd.

    Thought I'd die by then, and have been mostly in bed since with total exhaustion and severe pain. But sure don't regret going. I'm sure it'll be our last trip anywhere...just too much, but I can say we did it! And it made GS so happy!

    Julie, my GD was exactly like Kiera after being at her dad's. It was always such a struggle for her mom every time. But give her a few years. My GD is now 9 and knows her limits at each place. (None at one, strict at home).

    Gail/Spring, maybe we should start a messy house club. I definitely understand. It's impossible to keep up when you have such a short time frame of energy. My friends have all jumped ship since I got ill, so there's no one to see it but my family now, and they understand. It upsets me though that I can't seem to sort through boxes of memories, treasures, etc. and get rid of a lot of it. Can't concentrate enough.

    Georgia, those poor animals! Don't blame you for not wanting to bring something home to yours though! I'm sure you'll miss their sweet attention though.

    Granni, so happy to hear your DD is doing well! Cancer is such a horrible thing, because even if they say they got it all, the fear always remains that it'll be back. Glad you had a good trip to see your other DD. My GS with severe ADD will graduate from HS this year. Not sure what he'll end up doing. My DD and I are not seeing eye-to-eye on that. They want him to go to the Army Nat'l Guard, and it just kills me, because he'll be the one all the rest put down. No way can he keep up with everything with his disabilities!

    Rock, hope you're keeping up on the new styles. Tight pants are back in for both men and women I think. Hate them, and will stay with my loose fitting, nearly worn out stuff. Saw a lady had to be in her late 60s, early 70s in skin tight red pants (leggings?) with a short top. Uggggg.

    Hi to everyone I've missed. Back to bed for me today again. Love ya all....

  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Jole and Julie - so glad to see you both. Seems like awhile since I saw you both but mostly Jole. Julie is just so busy doing everything no wonder she felt so bad, even after some R ands R.

    Jole - glad you got to go to the graduation even if you got all wore out from the trip. I hope you feel at least a little better real soon.

    Julie - I hope you get to rest a little bit somewhere in between everything you have been doing. Yes, it is hard when the children have to be shared with both parents and they have opposite rules for the children. That is so confusing for them. I know you won't get much rest after you get Kiera home again - lots of baby watching,feeding, changing, etc.

    Yes Jole I agree with you when you see these older ladies especially, like me :) all decked out like a kid, in clothes absolutely unbecoming to them. They are usually heavier gals in skin tights clothes. I wouldn't even wear that stuff and I am told I look pretty good for almost 72. Some people have no common sense I thinRock - Hope you are doing OK and it is just the computer keeping you from visiting us. Of course I may have missed our visit while I was away.

    Spring Water - I forgot what you said but I know you have been busy too with your family, illness and all.

    Diane - How are you and those kitties and "baby" Rosie doing? Hope all is well. Drop a line when you can.

    Well, I have to sign off here for now. Thinking of everydobby !

    Missing so many of our Porchies - Joan, Teacher, Elaine, Carla, Linda, Mickey, etc, etc.

    Love to y'all,
  14. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    (tho it seems like im talking only to Granni, Julie and Jole) in past two days,

    lol. Hope everyone is as well as these DD (darned disorders) lets us.

    Sending out good thoughts to all of yous.

    Yesterday was recuperating time.

    Day before went to visit niece in hospital. Shes had a relapse of her

    bipolar episode. what made it worse was she got married in meantime

    and had a baby girl whom i visited three days ago when niece seemed well.

    niece hasnt had a recurrence since getting married a year ago. doc was even

    thinking of getting her off her meds permanently. then suddenly she had

    a relapse and a violent episode when her father called me at night asking what

    to do. what the heck. what was i supposed to do? The car was wrecked by

    our helps husband while on his way to pick big brother. i cant ask any more

    favours from my dh for driving out late night to hospital in the other car.

    besides i didnt want to. nieces husband and family should take care of all that.

    the next morn i called up and went in evening to see her at hospital. just

    peeked in thru window because she was in a strait jacket.

    her dh seems to be nice. he must be dopey, after all he married niece

    knowing of her illness and all her antics. or it could be he is her soul mate

    and was meant to be with her. well now he is saddled with an ill young

    wife and a days old baby girl who he is striclty forbidden to take anywhere

    near the mother. The babys grandmom is taking careof her.

    what makes it worse is, niece demanded a caesarian section when it wasnt

    really necessary, im guessing she kicked up a fuss and because of her past

    medical history docs gave in. now they hv to see the stitches dont open

    during a violent episode.

    well, at least big bro and SIL spared me the trouble of taking their lunch

    to hospital; i think SIL suspects im not too perky myself.

    theyre back home now. for 12 days and back to hospital.

    the helps dh took them to hospital for bros injections this morning early.

    tomorrow too and then its rest. few days. goody.

    my dh has been supportive. hasnt barked at me much and brought me

    cookies from the supermarket when he found out i was buying them on

    my own.

    we ve been watching Indian Idol. similar format to American one. i love

    music. in any language.

    take care all.

    God Bless

  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Had a remarkable day yesterday. Felt good. Not depressed. Not
    angry. Amazing! Of course when a good day comes along we try
    to figure out why. There is no reason I can think of. Been years
    since I felt this good.

    And, also of course, we hope it will last. We'll see. (I kinda
    doubt it.)

    Gordon and I went to the library and the market y-d. We were scheduled
    for the chiro, but he cancelled. That's OK. We've been going to him
    for a long time; 20 years maybe. We still pay him $35 a visit. I think
    the standard here now is 50 or 60. I asked him about it. He said
    he was keeping the old price for us. We are his longest customers
    (although not his tallest)..

    I did lots of watering last week with special attention to the squash
    and long beans. Gordon planted 3-4 squash which produced big,
    yellow flowers and a total of one squash. Silly things. Anyhoo,
    it's an acorn; about as big as a grapefruit right now.

    My mother used to half them and bake them with butter and brown sugar
    in the middle. Very tasty. She also baked tomato slices on cookie
    sheets. She put buttered bread crumbs on them and maybe something

    Granni, my computer's been working pretty well (knock on plastic). I
    just haven't had enuff energy to post here. It's easier to post on the
    lounge since there are only 4-5 people to talk to.

    Glad to hear you had a good trip. And you're leaving on another right?
    Good luck with your dinner show audition. Hey, remember that old song
    "Dearie, Do You Remember?" Or maybe the title was "You're Much
    Older than I". Popular when I was in grade school. A novelty song.
    They don't seem to exist anymore; except on Youtube, of course.

    Julie, I hope the picnic tomorrow goes well. I remember the first
    time I met my nephews. The older was about 4. Living in MN,
    of course. His dad was a deputy sheriff (still is). My mother found
    a tiny cop uniform. My nephew was thrilled! Now he's a dad w/
    two sons of his own. Amazing how that works.

    Well, I'm going to post this. Hope to come back and chat some

    Oh yeah, I remember when Phyllis Diller was a new comedian. Here
    is one of her old jokes. "Advice to young marrieds: don't go to
    bed mad. Stay up and fight!"

  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Gordon made frukt suppe. That's Norskie for fruit soup. It has
    a tapioca base and whatever fruit you wanna put in it. Only we
    forgot I can't chew apples anymore. As usual he made way too
    much. I told him to take some to work and put it in the kitchen
    for his coworkers.

    He does most of his cooking on the weekends. Made fried
    rice in his big wok last night. (He has 2 or 3 sizes.) Plans beef
    soup for tomorrow.

    We went shopping for slippers last week. The pair I bought
    at Wal*Mart was worthless. Fell apart in a month. So I'm
    now wearing my old slippers. They are by Gordoni rather than
    Gucci or Ferragamo. Gordon is the guy who put the duct
    tape on 'em.

    I don't get it. The malls are crammed with stores but not
    with slippers. Penney's only carries men's slippers at
    Christmas time. Sears had two styles. One was backless.
    Does that make them mules? I think they would fall off
    when I'm trudging up and down the steps.

    The silly looking fluffy ones came in only 2 sizes. Too small
    and too big. Uff-da!

    Springwater, such a lot of trauma and drama going on
    with your family. Hope things quiet down soon. Bet you
    do too. If Gordon and I could come visit you we would
    bring you some cookies. He makes excellent sniggerdoodles
    (that's what he calls 'em) and we both make krumkaka
    (Norskie treats).

    Jole, I agree. Those skin tight pants look ridiculous! The
    other night at the market there were 2 young fellows wearing
    them. Both were young and skinny and over 6 feet tall.
    They looked like Ichabod Crane.

    And we saw and old lady on Sunset Blvd. with them. She
    was already slim. He pink tight jeans made her look a
    little like a flamingo.

    Sounds like your trip to your GS's graduation was worth it
    despite the long drive and the wheelchair. Are you recovered

    Jole, good to see ya. Yes, I guess most of us belong to the
    messy house club. Our place is still cluttered with stuff
    Gordon's mother accumulated over the decades. When we
    first moved in a couple years ago we spent months getting
    rid of stuff. Then we pretty much stopped.

    Georgia, sounds way too hot there. Our last 2 summers have
    been cooler than usual, but hot weather arrived this month.
    Gordon suffers in the heat. We have 6-8 fans going all
    the time. He even leaves them on when there's nobody
    in the house.

    Yes, I am a big fan of tuna hot dish. What do you use for a base?
    Noodles; rice: potato chips? Gordon came back from the market
    w/ about 3 dozen cans of tuna last month. Big sale, doncha know.
    I think I've only used 2 so far.

    Good to hear from you, Gail. Are you an avid football fan? You don't
    want to get all engrossed and stand up to cheer with grand baby
    in your lap. I remember High school games in MN. Brrrr! I played
    in the band. The clarinet players sometimes reported it was so
    cold that their reeds cracked.

    Hope I didnt miss anydobby. Big gentle hugs.

  17. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Jole - so glad to hear you got to go out of town..and had a nice visit

    to your dear GS. I think changes like that once in a while is always


    Granni - Im sure you are busy with the weekend. Weeding, cooking,

    practising. How is your dear D getting along with the recovery?

    Julie - its nice having a goal like the weight loss plan, kind of gives

    one focus. I think i hv the opposite. losing weight because the insides

    were acting up and causing gastritis or whatever, dont even properly

    know, but its calmed down now. been trying to avoid chutney and spicy


    Rock - nice reading your post after some days off. i too had a really

    good day same as the one u had yours on. i was thinking hey, thats

    funny. I was able to visit niece and take food for her and everything

    which was great!

    It was a light feeling, and very peaceful. no energy drain nothing.

    if only this could be the norm, right?

    I would love snickerdoddles lovingly made by Gordon and yourself.

    everytime i come here, i can feel the love. you all are so supportive

    with your caring words and empathy. thank you, all.

    Im actually not feeling very bogged down. taking things as they come.

    just made some bottle gourds and chicken mince dumplings and may send

    some for niece.

    it rained torrents yesterday and i was so happy watching it come down

    in sheets and wetting everything and threatening to flood the compound

    while i stood snug and safe inside at the kitchen window. its such a

    pleasure to see everything so green and not covered with dust and wilting

    in hot sun :)

    The little stray i asked the janitor to take care of has flourished and

    grown strong and plump from a scrangy lil scared pidey thing. its still

    skittish but actually barks now at people and chases cars and motorcycles.

    Lol. the janitor of the school nearby; i wrote about the doggie some

    months back so you all might hv forgotten. The janitors wife is a doggie

    lover and told me she had wanted to take in another too, stray but it

    disappeared. I shuddered inside. ive really had it enough with dogs and

    taking care of them. and wiping their pee offa the floors. its rainy season

    so they dont like going out all the time.

    God Bless

  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I have been a lazy poter lately doing a little more lurking. However, DH had me outside this morning doing some weeding and cutting down or pulling out some extra stuff we really didn't need in our side yard. When we get to the back it will really be something. Then I will need tp put on long pants and hope not to get infected again with something poisonous. To hot now for long pants outside.

    Whoops, DH needs the puter now so sorry so short. Hope to be back soon again !

    Love you all,

    LEFTYGG Member

    Its pouring rain here. Kinda nice.
    Granni you better be careful with that poison ivy. My sister got an infection from a branch scratching her.
    Jole glad you got to make the trip. I really get down when I miss an event because of this DD.when I go to the zoo or amusement park I get pushed in a wheelchair. I love it because I get to do and see more.i use to push my mother all over now it's my turn lol.

    Rock I'm so excited you felt good!!! It's so strange when there's no rhyme or reason. I hope it lasts. I am a football fan when it's someone I know but just to sit and watch it I don't do.im so nervous because my son is the new head coach at the HS.its all on his shoulders.theres an article about him in our local paper The Clermont Sun. I know you're good at looking up things. His name is Nick Ayers.

    Julie do the Amish girls help out with the babies often? We had a pole barn put on our property and they built it. Well maybe they were another group because they drove cars. But it was amazing. Most contractors waste time. Not these men. Each had a job, not much talking and it was so cold out.very organized.when my son paid him the man said another job they did the man didn't pay them. My son said did you take him to court? He said no we let god deal with him. It was thousands they were cheated out of.

    I've been very upset the last few days. My son was verbally mean to his gf who is due with his baby any minute. My DD told me and not to tell. Hahaha I couldn't contain myself.shes a wonderful person. Manager at a bank goes to school and has not stopped working. I just love her. I cursed and everything which I don't do. I'm tired of being nice. He's so immature. He's 27. He can say the meanest things.

    Spring water sorry I went off on a tangent. All you've been going thru with brother and niece

    LEFTYGG Member

    Springwater it sound like Julie's right. It could be hormonal depression. What a shame with the new baby and all.i hope they get her meds worked out so she can go home.your stomach issues are probably from all the stress your going through. Gezzz is anyone free of stress?

    I'm glad I can rant here.im about to go off the deep end.i need to get away. Take care. Love gail