Turning on Porchlight Volume 233-now KLOSED !

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Granniluvsu, May 5, 2008.

  1. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    By the power invested in me by SMG I am opening up this new porch volume. Hey, will somebody tell me where SMG is. She has been gone to long on that retreat.

    So let's get rolling again guys and gals !!


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  2. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Gee Linda, you are letting me keep my Porchitght on. Thanks !

    It looks like both of us were typing at almost the same time. I am probably the one caught in the door. I thought this might happen since the number when I was posting (or before was 29 and when I posted mine the number was 31 I think.. So, I figured that I might have been caught.

    Hope you are feeling better after your surgery.

    Well, not much has changed since my last post so I guess I will sign off for now. Might check in again later on.

    Monica - I hope the rain eases for you some in your neighborhood and your basement finally dries out. I cannot imagine what a mess to clean up. A friend of ours had the same problem in Illinois a few months ago. It was awful. The only good thing was they did some sleaning out and getting rid of stuff they probably needed to Otherwise it was awful. Just what you need too is having to clean up your basement AGAIN.

    Hugs again to AWL,

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  3. bevy2most

    bevy2most New Member

    during half-time, (Spurs @ Hornets) I hope everyone is having a good evening.

    Rock, I am thinking about you and Gordon, nuff said.

    Granni, I should have had you give my daughter a big hug for me while you were in Dallas, she could really use one. She is studying for her comps, and state board. She will be graduating on the 16th so she will have plenty of hugs then.

    Lin, I hope you are feeling better now.

    Mickey, your daughter is stunning, I'm sure she takes after her Momma.

    Mr. Dad, Welcome home, glad you had such a nice visit. I am impressed that you can stay in same house with your ex, I am not that lucky.

    Candy, I am glad that you are responding well to the Provigil, I am going to speak to my dr about it.

    Monica, how is the not smoking going? It has been quite a while now hasn't it.

    Rosie, It is nice to hear that you have some warmer weather. It is also great that you will be gaining a new daughter, have they set a date yet?

    Julie, Thanks for keeping us posted on your travels, it is amazing work that both of you are doing.

    Annie, I have had problems with ferrell cats getting into potted plants, and flower beds, I was told to put marigolds around where you don't want them to do their business, and that keeps them away, they aren't suppose to like the smell that they put out. I have had some sucess with that but not 100%.

    Candy, I hope your doing well, I will keep them in my thoughts.

    Elaine, I know what you mean when you say your body shakes, my body does that when I am trying to fall asleep, I even ask dh if he is wiggling his foot or shaking the bed. I know he thinks that I am nuts.

    Carla, I hope you and the girls are doing well. I love the pic of you and your other girls.

    To all that I missed I have to go now, the Spurs are losing, I need to cheer them on.

    Big Hugs to all,

  4. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    another beautiful day here, two in a row, we're spoiled, hope it lasts.

    Everything in the garden is coming up beautifully, my kitties are having the best of times running around and climbing trees.

    Rock I'm glad you're getting comfort from our messages on the porch and board - you're rated very highly in our little prohealth group, a much loved member.

    Mickey - loved the photo of your daughter, she's a very beautiful girl.

    I'm just eating a roll (bread thingy) with spanish cheese, raw, fresh garlic and a little olive oil - I'll get Tom to make some up for everyone.

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  5. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    ....that moving on in life was as easy as turning on a new porch light is here?

    There was a rush for the switch but Granni won! You asked about SMG, Marilyn.... the last time I saw her she was boarding a plane for Italy and she looked as if she was going to be gone for a long time. Maybe Joe has heard from her.

    Candy, I don't know much about your life to comment in these posts but I do recall you were having some health problems and that your sister was very ill. Sending hugs and good wishes for you both.

    Bevy, I hope your daughter does well on her comps and state boards. I missed it when you probably told us her exact course of study. You must be very proud.

    Rosie, kitties climbing trees reminds me of last winter when Honey was a stray. One very cold snowy day I looked out the window and there was Honey dashing up a tree. She came to a large almost-horizontal limb and literally danced along the surface. When she got as far as she wanted to go, she did a pirouette and back she came. I remember how joyful her behavior seemed out there in the cold with all that matted fur. I can tell she'd love to be back outside climbing trees again but we're not allowed to have animals outside here. Poor girl.

    I think Granni asked how the cats are doing. Not much has changed except Sophie seems to have the attitude that she and I are in this together and she WILL get rid of "that creature" for us. She's so proud of herself when she chases Honey under the bed once more. Honey's still listed on Petfinder via the shelter. I'll miss her a lot if I can ever find anyone to take her but I think I'll sleep much better.

    Hello to all the peeps that haven't arrived yet. I will leave a large basket of warm banana nut muffins on the table for you now that Georgia has switched to strawberry bread. I had one after I left the dentist's office this morning and they're very good with crisp edges around the top, just the way I like them.

    Hugs alllll around,
  6. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I just wanted to pop in and welcome Mrdad back-I am so glad you had a goog trip and got to spend some time your family.

    Now I am sure you have to get caught up with bills, life and us.

    Rock I am glad that our words of comfort helped raise your spirits, you have always been there for us when we have our bad days, that is what this place is all about. I send my hugs to you and Gordon, how is Zippy. I am sure he is missing his buddy.

    Granni thanks for turning the lights on for us. Do you still have painting to do?

    Elaine so to here you are still recovering from all your treatments and the fatigue is still holding you down, just go with it and listen to your body.

    I am just going to say hello to everydobby else as I need to get ready to go into town to the courthouse and take Missy to the vet, she has a eye infection. Always sumpthin,huh?

    Hopefully I'll be back before the porch goes threw a new volume. But have been spending most of my evening time out in the yard and riding my cart collecting rocks for my hardscape project. The sun goes behind the trees around 6, it is the only time I have shade, so have to take advantage of it when I can. See ya'll later-Carla
  7. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Dear Porchies,

    It was so rainy yesterday and today it is just plain gloomy and trying to decide whther to rain or not. So NO I can't go out and paint those railings any more for awhile. Yes, there is still more to do.

    Marta - I think it was you who told me about SMG being away in Italy. Thanks for the info. Was getting worried about the poor dear (-: !! Sorry to hear that Honey and Soapie are still not the best of friends just rivals running all over the house and under the bed (Honey). Hope they wil find a good home for her although you will probably miss her somewhat too ( unless you are trying to sleep) (-: !!

    Elaine - Sorry you still have more zapping to do but glad that all is coming along OK. You just have to do what needs to be done, as you well know. BY THE WAY, I THINK IT WAS YOU WHO ASKED SOME TIME AGO ABOUT THE MEANING OF S.O.S. . I believe it means SAVE OUR SHIP ! Is that right ROCK ???

    Candy - How often are you taking the Provigil and did you ever find out the actual price you have to pay for it? I know the dr. gave you some samples.

    Candy and Elaine - What am I to do with you two (-: !! Right now I am to tired to worry about having to find a suitable punishment for you picking on each other. I do not know who started it and I can't beieve either one of you to tell me the truth. So, you'd better be careful in the future. UNDERSTAND ??? This time I will let it pass but however, if this keeps up I will have to take some drastic measures. From now on I will have to start thinking about what to do with you.

    CK - Sorry to hear about Missy's eye infection. Hope she gets better soon. Hope you get everything done and feeling OK.

    Rosie - So glad you have some sun now in your area. Great channge, huh ?? Hope you are feeling OK.

    Bevy - How are youdoing? I know you were watching the basketball playoffs the other day. Don't even know who won since are Rockets are out of it missing their center. Hope you are doing OK too.

    Linda - I hope all is well after your surgery and all. When one comes home from the hospital or surgery center there is never time to rest and recuperate esp with kids. I know. Hope you can get some rest in there someplace. I forget are you still off work? I am sorry I cannot keep track. My brain has turned to jello !

    Annie - Hope all is well with you and Danny. How is his rash? So sorry to hear about that. There always seems to be something to complicate things, isn't there?

    Georgia - Please save me some strawberry bread . It sounds great . I love strawberrys but not sure if I have had strawberry bread before. You are such a busyy gal. Always doing something with your hands.

    Mickey - I know youa are always busy besides work. Give me some of your energy please.

    Well, I had better turn this off to DH who has been waiting. Speciall hi also to Mrdad, Rock, Joan, Sweetie, Danille, Lacey and any other Porchie that I forgot to names.

    Luv to All,

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  8. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Good afternoon Porchies, it has been so so busy here today. I hope Rock and Gordan are doing okay today. I know it will take time to get that know out of your stomach. Still thinking about you Rock!!!!

    Granni - Thanks for getting us started. You poor thing, I can't believe you still have more to paint. I think next you and your DH should get those "no maintenance" railings, I think it would be worth the money. I don't think you want my energy honey. What I use is probably all I have and that isn't enough sometimes. I am sure when you were my age, you could do 100 more laps than me. LOL

    LIN - Thanks for the compliment on Ashley, I think the same, but I guess that is the mother in me. LOL.

    Candy - That is so true that when they grow up and have their own lives that they kind of forget you a little. You know what, you should call your niece and invite her to a lunch and get caught up, I bet she would absolutely love that. She would probably think the world of you after that. We must have about the same weather, I am just lovin it. Summer is definetly my favorite time, especially for the old body of mine. I guess I can take some of the credit for Ashley's looks, you know. I did go through 14 hours of labor and had to carry her in my tummy for 9 months, so yes, I do take credit for her looks, LOL. You can tease me anytime you want girlie, believe I can take it. You don't know my hubby. LOL.

    BEV - Thanks for Ashley's compliment, however, actually she is a spitting image of her Daddy. Doesn't that just stink, the mother goes through all the pain and the whole 9 months of being fat and the kid comes out looking just like her Daddy. LOL That is okay, I think he is pretty cute and besides my other daughter is my twin. So we each got one that looks like each of us. I hope the Spurs won for you.

    Rosie - Thanks for your compliment too. I am so glad your garden is doing great. One of these days when I have time, I am going to grow a garden. I have always wanted to do that. My grandma would be proud of me.

    Marta - Yum yum yum, those banana nut muffins are delicious. I can just smell them all the way over here. Thanks so much!!!!

    Elaine - Thanks for your compliment on Ashley too. I just have to show her off. Anyway, I am going to take it down in a minute. Gosh, I really hope you didn't over do it girlie. I will pray really really hard for you because I care about you lots. I am so sorry about the insurance issue too. It is just crazy. I don't understand our America sometimes when it comes to taking care of the "Americans". Hahahah if you know what I mean;

    Carla - Our animals are just like our kiddos, aren't they. I know mine is. Jack had an eye infection about 1 year ago and when I got the bill I was like wow, I need to get doggy insurance. Oh well, they are well worth it that is for sure.

    Mr. Dad I hope you get caught up on the posts, we miss you around here. I know Rocko does, especially after having to deal with all of us women by himself.

    Georgia - I think we posted at the same time. I am so glad you enjoy knitting. As I said, I will take that up some day. I used to love doing those Hook Rugs kits. My Dad used to buy them for me all the time and when I lived at home with him, i would do those all the time. Do you remember those, I think they still have them. It was little pieces of yarn that you would use a hook thingy with?????

    To all other porchies, love you all and talk to you all soon.


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  9. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Thank you for all your kind messages about Chester.

    We originally got two Shit-tzus from a rescue society way back in 1991. We donated $100 each. After a few months The gal at the society called and asked if we could take another.

    We went to see Chester. He was probably about a year old. The lady opened the door and Chester came bursting into the room, a ball of white fluff and energy. He practically bounced off the walls.

    What a change from his last few years when he slowly plodded along, stopping to sniff at everything. When the first two dogs died, we got Zippy to keep Chester company.

    Now we have decided to keep an eye on Zippy. If he seems to be moping or lonely we will get another dog for a rescue society.

    Yesterday my former secretary, who is a real dog lover, sent me several messages and jokes, etc. Today I'm e mailing to try and cheer her up a little. She got laid off due to lack of work. She is a super duper legal secretary, but the firm has gotten very few cases since last November.

    I guess I'd better type the rest of this in my mail box, or I'll lose it for sure.

    Thank you again. I was really surprised how much better all your concern and good wishes made me feel.

  10. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Things are quiet here today. Gordon took a miniature oncidium orchid to work. Wants to show a coworker who is hoping to grow orchids.

    I know what you mean about brain fog, Elaine. Just went out to move my car so the police wouldn't tow it. It was gone!

    I looked around and found it right in front of the house. Then I remembered. I moved it yesterday noon. Duh! Stuff like this happens daily now.

    Linda, I hope your daughter enjoys her visit to Kiawah Island. I looked it up. They have wild life there: bobcats, deer, river otters, etc. Doesn't it seem a little odd to have river otters on an island? I bet they consider themselves island otters.

    Mickey, what are maintenance-free railings? I thought the reason houses were so expensive (and frequently so annoying) was that they constantly need to be repainted and reshingled and rewired and etc.

    Monica, my grandmother was named Asa just like your pet. The original spelling was Aase from the Norwegian. There was a Viking Queen named Aase. In fact, I think she was the only Viking Queen. Must've been a tough cookie like Bette Davis or Joan Crawford.

    Don't think I've ever seen a mini schnauzer, Candy. Can you post a picture? Does it eat Schnausages?

    Granni, I looked up S-O-S. I've always thought it referred to Save Our Ship, but Wikipedia says the letters came first. Later English speakers decided they stood for Save our Ship.

    I wonder: if you were sailing a boat alone, would you use S-M-S for Save My Ship?

    Oops! Computer is acting up. Will have to post more later.

    Hugs and Waves to everydobby.

  11. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Thanks to all for comments help and advice re Danny cats et al.

    Rocky glad you are doing OK and Gordon too.

    mrdad welcome home I tied a yellow ribbon on the tree for you (NOT!) but would have if a had one.

    Been planting the roses. We decided roses it would be as they are like $3 each and will fill the spaces. Cannot afford much else except seeds. Oh well...next year???

    Danny starts on Prednisone tomorrow as after speaking with rheumie, immunologist and endo. as well as pediatrician, we all decided his bloods looked good enough to take the risk.

    I think we all may be on the same page now thinking it is mixed connective tissue disease. Sad dx but it may fit. His legs hurt him such a lot as well as the facial swelling. We had to do something as his eyes are so swollen now he cannot see properly.

    I sweetie glad to see you back and sorry things are so tough. That goes for several of you.

    Hope the fish haven;t affected Julie BTW.

    I cancelled the appt with the derm for Danny and the MS specialist for me as it is Memorial Day weekend and the traffic will be horrible by Niagra Falls, no wonder they had free app. time then!!!

    Ate out today at our fave restaurant here. It is the hospital cafeteria! The food is all homecooked. Dan had a large eggplant parmasiana with angel hair pasta and green beans and soda and muffin and I had soup, grilled cheese and greenbeans and tea and it was just $10 for the two of us. The food is very good. Hope the patients have the same Me and You(menu).

    Hey mrdad I see you are on the guest list for the Texas wedding-nice that they decided to keep it small (200) and cheap ($under $2 million) We cannot make it as we cannot afford the gas. SMG said she may fly out and I know a few porchies are Texas gals!

    Love Annie
  12. monica33flowers

    monica33flowers New Member

    Well, our weather here in WI has been absolutely gorgeous! Today our high was 79 degrees. Wooooo Hoooooo!!!!!! I'm still having problems with this darn Fibro so I went outside with a couple of my kitties and sat in the lawn chair and we all enjoyed the sunshine. My neighbors think I'm crazy --- they call me the "Crazy Cat Lady" & the "Cat Whisperer". I supply all the local cats with a lifetime supply of catnip. Plus, my cats always mind me when we are outside. They don't stray into my neighbors lawns (very often) and they actually listen to me. I have one fat white cat called, Zach, who always comes running when I call him....quite comical, I guess.

    Anywho, gotta run and get things ready for the garage sale. I'm taking a break and actually hiding for a little while...I'm just so tired. How in the world am I going to do this Thurs.-Fri.-Sat.

  13. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Firstly, Rocky and Gordon, I feel so badly about the loss of
    your Puppy! Animals indeed become part of the Family and it is
    most difficult to see them go. A new Pup may help ease the pain a bit and I'm happy that you both are considering that

    Well, I'm resting from the trip North. Hope to get back up
    to Oregon this Summer when my Daughter is finished with Her
    degree and has more time to relax void of those school dead-
    lines and stress. I did, however, have a nice visit with Her
    and the Kitty and look forward to that return.

    Do hope that all were doing "well" in my absence. Spring ap-
    pears to be making it's debut and has been a long time coming
    for so many of our Porchies! It was 89+ in the Sacra.North
    Valley last week and I'm reminded how easy I have it here
    in SF. 'Posta get warm later in the week for about 1 1/2
    weeks. The "Bee-Kee-Knee" girls at the Park are gonna love

    A big "hello" to all tonight and I'll "Ketchup wiff ewe awl
    tomorrow, "K"? Missed ya awl!!



  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Glad you're back, Joe. Sounds like you had a nice visit w/ your daughter.

    Rosie, I'm reading a thriller wherein some conspirators are conversing in the language from the Isle of Man. (From whence cometh Manx cats.) Said to be different from Irish or Scotch Gaelic. Apparently no native speakers left.

    What state boards does your daughter have to take, Bevy? You must be very proud.

    Don't think I've ever been in a yurt, Annie. If I had, I'm sure I would have felt it.

    Too bad you don't have a video of Honey tree dancing, Marta. Be great to post on YouTube.

    Where does the guy want his western scene, Carla? On canvas, his truck, a mural for his ballroom?

    I remember reading decades ago that the Rockefellers had murals/decorations painted on the walls of their homes by famous artists. Tried to look it up on the net, but all I could find was about the murals in Rockefeller Center.

    They had one done by Diego Rivera in Radio City in the 30s. Didn't like it so they had it destroyed.

    Georgia, can't imagine knitting lace. When my mother had bridge parties half a century ago, the dummy often knit or tatted.

    Julie, how wonderful that you were able to talk to Amy and Keira. Just think. When my grandfather was young, people moving west knew they would probably never see or talk to loved ones again.

    And yet, in less than a decade, the country was united by the railroad, and the covered wagon slowly passed into history.

    Hugs and waves to everydobby including Jodie, Kylob,Sweetie,
    and whoever my foggy brain can't recall.

  15. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    It's sunrise in the swamp!

    I have no idea where he got that saying but that's how my dad got me up in the morning when I was a kid.

    Elaine, I hope you have more energy today. Rotten insurance companies are so frustrating - and expensive! I'm sorry you have to have more zaps.

    Carla, those fuzzy kids do get expensive! I hope Missy's eye infection clears soon.

    Rock, do get another little dog soon if you can manage it. Animals mourn like we do only they are harder to comfort and have been known to shorten their lives with grief. Hugs to you, Gordon and Zippy.

    I'm short on NRG this morning so to all the other Porchies here, those who are on their way or are busy today: Hugs to you, too! May you find the miracles waiting for you in this day.

    Oh, and Happy Mother's Day to all if I don't talk to you before then.


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  16. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    another lovely day today - 70 or 20 - just sitting outside enjoying the sun though I have to keep in the shade. We are supposed to be getting a week of this nice weather - will do for starters.

    Rock, I'm glad you're going to get another wee dog for Zippy, our babies can't be replaced but a loving home can be given to another wee unfortunate soul. Isle of Man - yes the manx cat with no tail. I know they had their own language, they also have their very own Parliament though I dont know how that works - also years ago they used to birch young men who got into trouble - bring back the birch I say!!

    Elaine, sorry you have to have more treatments, I hope you're feeling much better soon.

    Monica - I see you're enjoying the sunshine with your kitties like me. Mine dont wander much either but we do keep an eye on them and have chicken wire all over the place.

    Mr Dad - glad you had a good trip to Oregon, I travelled that trail 3 times in the early 70s, hitch hiked from Vancouver to California - Oregon is truly beautiful. Nice to spend time with your daughter.

    Annie - I responded on other post about taking Danny to Ormond Street but you didnt see it - hopefully you won't have to do that but it is certainly something you can consider if all else fails.

    Granny, Mickey, Marta, Georgia, Bevy, Yesterdays Child, and everybody else - hope lots of sunshine where you are too, enjoy it.


  17. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    I am so tired this morning I could just fall asleep here at my desk. I have to keep getting up and walk around every 5 minutes. arggggg

    Rock, maintenance free railings are awesome but expensive. They are man made and you never have to paint them. You can get them in any color you want to. One of these days I hope to affords them. You can also get your whole deck maintenance free, but you will spend thousands.

    Well, this is going to be short, got so much to do this morning. So i will check in later when I am hopefully more chipper.

  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Haven't done all that much today and it is still trying to decide what to outside - to rain, or not to rain - that is the question !! That is almost Shakespeare !!

    Lasrt night went to our last County Performing Arts show. The show was really great Neil Berg's 100 years of Broadway. I even bought a CD. Besides the piano player (Neil Berg" there were three other band members along with 4 singers, 2 gals and 2 guys who have and still do sing in Broadway Musicals. The music was jusr super fantastic !!! Since we have season tickets we were invited along with many others to a pre party at one of the local new high class restaurants for hor dourves and drinks, inc free wine. It wa a great evening.

    The K of C's are putting o a BIG rodeo this year and so they are having a big kick off party tonight. So we will go to that. It sounds like fun fut I am so tired. Tomorrow night - sat is the RODEO. I may just go on thurs and fri and forget sat. DH can do that one. I know I am already pushing it !!

    I need to go and iron a few things for tonight and tomorrow. Soi I had better take off for now.

    Candy and Elaine I left a small note in your usual place, or one of them.

    Yes, Candy I have noticed all the picking going on. Guess you didn't read one of my posts to you and Elaine about it on the Porch. It is either this or the last volume.

    Gotta run. DH needs the comp again !!

    Love to everydobby !!!

    Hugs and blessings,

  19. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I am going to make this short in case I get caught in the door.

    I had a very busy day yesterday then stayed out in the yard until nearly 10 pm. I am paying for it today.

    I have to "play date" tomorrow. My car needs to go for oil change, tires rotated and a sensor thing done. So my freind is going to meet me at the shop and we are going to go to a flea market, lunch and stuff. It has been so long since we have done anything together, so it will be fun.

    So I need my rest today as I have to work Fri. I have been doing pretty good overall but do know my limits and am going to listen to them.

    I have some legal papers to fill out and call a judge to make an appt for my father's estate and my mom's. So going to do that now and get it over with.

    I may pop in later-I hope everydobby is doing well and enjoying their day-Carla
  20. bevy2most

    bevy2most New Member

    wrap up this volume, see ya on the other side....