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  1. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hope I didn't catch anyones head or fingers in the door. Need to go close out the other one.

    Have some leftover ice creams, toppings and whipped cream, even cherries. So, take your pick.

    Please check out the old vol. tao hear from Julie, SW, Gail , of course myself and I don't remember who else.

    Spring Water - you wear me out with all you are doing for your festivals !!

    Love to awl,
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  2. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I am all worn out just reading all that you are doing and have been doing lately, plus getting ready for all your company( David's Parents, etc.) It is hard enough having one parent in a NH facility but both of them is terribly hard on you.

    I know I need to get rid of my guilt to at not being able to do anything for either parent, especially being so far away. If I were closer I would have been able to do at least a little bit. I just know that my sil (who is the mouthy one) was thinking I really didn't have any physical problems all those years). You know how it is too when you look OK and fake it everyone thinks your just great ! My brother is so quiet and sweet and just goes along for the ride shall we say - whatever she wants. She is really a very good person and does so much for her family but think I was rather written off after I didn't do anything to help. Not even a word about my daughters divorce and grandson's leukemia. This was about 6 years ago. My grandson is now 10 and fine on the Ca front. I made it a point to go see them this year by myself in New York. Somehow I doubt if they will come here. She still teaches and is busy with her family and visiting them when she, or they can. I just know I did my part in visiting. We did seem to possibly mend some fencers while I was there, a bit though anyway. My brother is not the communicator, just my SIL and their daughters especially one.
    My mom died in 2004 I think, on Mothers Day .

    When my brother writes to me (e-mails) she probably tells him to do so. He is wonderful though and very giving !! It is ashame we all had to live so far away but that is life. I love TX but they probably hate it here, to hot, etc. etc. Glad that you get to do some visiting with family.

    Enough of my venting !!!

    BTW, I finally got the date for my other daughter having a hysterectomy on the 4th of next month, I think it may be a full hyst. I told her I will come stay with her for a few days. That will be interesting !! DH will drop me off and will come and get me in a few days. Hope she wil get to feel better soon. I have singing engagaments that week but will miss either one or two. Then there are others on the next week which should be OK.

    Spring Water - Hope you are feeling OK and getting your cooking , etc. done for the coming festival. I know that wears you out.

    Gotta run for now and hope everyone has a nice weekend and as painless as possible. I will try and pop in later. Tomorrow will be busy with church and evening is a dinner group that meets about 3-4x a year in someones really fancy house !

    Love to awl,
  3. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Peeking in to say a quick hi.

    yes, bit tired now. i didnt think i would be. after all, theres no one
    to chivvy me around. but the body has a mind of its own.

    i didnt hv energy to cook yesterday and had to hav some food
    since we were getting our annual festival visit by some acquaintances
    so i nipped down to town and had to hurriedly order food at the first
    restaurant i saw open. it was hot and i had to walk a bit since no
    cabs either. not the best time, but the relief was huge when i
    was able to provide the meal when the guests came.

    the food was not good tho, but what the heck. i think the
    people were happy and thats what counts.

    gots go now, oof so much work. the kitchen floor is black.
    or almost. needs mopping.

    oh Granni - the help always goes during this time for festival
    they go back to their village for few days.

    Rock - my sons friend that was in hospital is backhome. thanks
    for asking.

    Julie - hang in there, keep thinking of you.

    Gail - will try giving healing but waiting to get a little stronger.

    take care all yous;

    God BLess

    God Bless

    LEFTYGG Member

    ive been with her for 2 days.last night stayed till 3am she was unresponsive and had no food or water. hospice was called round the clock. my dh and i got there at 1pm today.she was unresponsive. there were about 20 of us. we rotated sitting by her telling her how much we loved her. she started gurguling from saliva laying in her throat. they couldnt get bp reading.

    the gurguling got worse i couldnt bear listening because it sounded like she was drowning. at aroung 11pm her breathing changed and the noise slowed then she stopped breathinh for 30 seconds then gasped then took a big gasp and stopped breathing.

    im so happy i was there with her. she is at peace not suffering, she was the most amazing mother and grandmother. i will never forget her i will miss you forever. love gail
  5. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I'm glad you were able to be with your mother at the end. I hope your happy memories
    will be of some comfort to you. Someone at a 12 step meeting said that writing letters
    to his deceased father helped him cope with grieving. Have you heard of that?

    Julie, I hope you get lots of rest this afternoon. You and Gail have had such a
    difficult time recently.

    Gordon and I just got back from a couple markets. One was Armenian. Have to
    finish the laundry. An ordinary Sunday so far. Hope everydobby is doin' the best

  6. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I am so sorry that she is gone but glad that her suffering is over, as I am sure you and your family are. I wish I could have been with both my parents at their passing but the distance between us (miles) and my body made it impossible. My prayers go with you all and your mom as she goes to much more peaceful place. You and your family have all gone through such a hard time for so long. May your many happy memories of your dear mom and family give you all strength. May God bless you ALL!!

    Julie - with all you have been doing that is so sweet of you to give the other grandparents some space to see their sweet grandbaby. Yes, as Rock said I hope you can get some rest this afternoon and maybe take a NAP :)!!! How's your arm feeling? Hope it has not been giving you to many fits lately. Hope things go a little smoother to with your parents. You need some special blessings too my dear friend !!

    This week will be a very busy week. DH goes to the dermatologist and is already complaining about that :)!! Jusgt to check his moles and growths on his body . He has amillion of them like his dad. Also. need the doc to look at his head. We thought it was dandruff for so long, very dry and itchy but the dandruff shampoo isn't helping it very muich. So, we will see, maybe it is something else.

    Spring Water - hope you get to rest some now too that you went out and get food for your guests during the festival. Hey do you get to try and heal yourself, or won't that work?? Or have you already tried that alaready, any results?

    Tuesday is my yearly visit with my PCP and so she can give me my orders for my Wed. mammogram. That is another fun thing to do. I guess soon that will also mean my bone density scan. I'm scared of that and hope my osteo has gotten at least some better. I hope the Strontium Citrate has helped some instead of meds. Ther only med that seemed to help is Forteo for2 years of giving myself shots. I really don't want to go on any more meds. I am on to many now, as well as supps.

    Thinking of you awl !!

    Hugs to everydobby not mentioned as well as MIAS !

  7. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Im sorry to hear of your dear mothers passing but like most of
    us here, also happy that she is out of her suffering.

    What a lovely mother she must have been, for you to miss her
    so. And she was lucky to the end, you and the others were

    Julies parents, your parents are very blessed, because even
    tho everyone loves their parents; logistics, circumstances
    sometimes do not make it possible to be nearby all the time.

    I know she is looking down at you and loving you for all you
    shared with her.

    Julie - glad you are giving yourself some rest. its a busy time
    now with all the guests around your place.

    Granni - for a few days i was too tired to even give myself
    healing. tho for the first one and a half day of festival, when
    the help had already left and i had given myself healing, i was
    working without feeling tired for one and a half days and it
    was eerie and felt wonderful! energy was surging through me
    and none of that tired, wading thru mud feeling.

    then i guess all the non stop chores got to me. i came down
    a bit and having to go to the get together at cousins and
    be sociable took away what energy i had.

  8. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    are helping out with the dishes and i managed to get some washing
    out of the way which has raised my spirits.

    i have been cooking which is a nice feeling since i hate the thought
    of feeding the family, ready made stuff from packets.

    What i read in the book was that someone else giving one healing
    is more effective than self. but even self healing is effective.
    however, call it karma or what you will, the two places i went to,
    to get healing didnt work out. the first guy fell ill himself, and the
    healing center lady, isnt offering any more healing to me as she
    is busy with her own two patients. i know she would have if she
    had been able to.

    This is nothing but karma. Considering i am paying for the healings,
    and stil they are not available to me from others.

  9. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    lovely to hear from you and pls say woof woof to the big girl got to be now,
    Lucie Ducie!

    Going back to healing, this is what i want to do. Even tho its taking me
    some time. Healing seems to drain me terribly but i am hopeful I wil be
    able to build up my health and heal whenever i can.

    My ill health is an obstruction but i have seen obstructions come to a
    lot of good wonderful people, are they tests of faith or what, I dont know.
    But one can either throw up ones hands and give up or continue trying
    to find health and peace by facing and handling things coming our way
    in the best way possible.

    The weather is lovely today. Take care all

    God BLess
  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Diane - Haven't checked the other thread yet but I see at least one of you is posting? Hope Jerry is doing better. Hope to check the other thread after this one. Gail's situation is such a sad but familiar one to many. Luckily in some ways I wasn;t there when my dear Mom and Dad passed away but I was there about a week or so before my Mom did.

    Thinking of dear GAIL and family today. More ((((HUGS)))) coming your way sweetie.

    Spring Water - Take care of yourself sweetie or you won't ber able to heal anyone. It is so sweet of you to try, especially at such along distance away.

    Linda - Hi there stranger. It is so nice you poppin in for a visit. Miss you and so many others !! Oh, the derm. seemed to think it was just persistant dandruff and she gave me a special shampoo and some lotion to try. She said if it got worse or the meds didn't help they would try something else. She didnpt seem to be to worried about it. All his moles were cleared and no cancer. It is especially worrying since a friend who DH played golf with died about a year or so ago of cancers that popped up on his head, at least that is where they started, I believe. He never wore a hat in the strong TX sunlight.

    Georgia - Hope all is well with you too and that your feet are not bothering you as much as they were.

    Rock - Miss seeing you my friend. Hope all is going faiarly werll or as well as can be expected as they say.

    Tomorrow is my doctor appointment (well woman - supposedly) and my blood work, thyroid, cholesterol and probably blood sugar. Wed. is the mammogram , what FUN !!!! and pretty soon probably my bone density which I am afraid of. Hope it has at least gotten a little better.

    Love to all,
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    LEFTYGG Member

    thank you all so much granni julie springwater rock georgia diane and linda. its just amazing the love you all show to everyone. i feel so fortunate that i have you all to tell my feelings.and you all are so understanding.

    rock i think i will journal to mom. i have waves of grief and sadness.
    granni i hope your daughter heals quickly, the operation seems easier and safe than years ago.
    i helped mom years ago when she had a hysterectomy. she developed blood clots which run in the family so it was complicated.

    julie you do have to keep the aides on their toes. i know its so hard cause its just you.we had 14 that rotated going all hrs daay and night. ive gone in there at 1am just to look at her if i was feeling nervous about her.

    spring please regain your strenth. dont worry about me. ive had pain so long its part of my life.
    i hope your help get back soon so you can rest but it sounnds like youre handling it great.

    i wish you all would read my mothers obituary, T.P.WHITE FUNERAL HOME


    LOOK UNDER OBITS BETTY GAILEY. my niece wrote it. itt really tells a lot about her.

    thanks agin. love gail
  12. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Yesterday was last day of festival. now people are filling up in the citiy again
    as they come back from the other parts of the country

    my help too has come, what a relief, no more stacks of dishes piled up
    all the time waiting to be washed

    i held dh to his promise and took him out of the city for a drive to the
    botanical park an hours drive away beautiful weather i had a chicken
    sizzler in this restaurant outside the park and then went in tho there
    werent a lot of flowers this year due to incessant rain but i came for
    the greenery and fresh air and got it; now the snow clad peaks are
    in view great ranges of them hanging in the sky all round this city is
    encircled by the himalayan mountain range its quite a sight

    we also stopped at a flower nursery on way back and got a lot of
    seedlings for winter flowering, calendula, verbena, sweet peas,
    mesembranthus, dianthus, i used to have all these but over the
    years a lot of the stock got old and died. also bought some
    marigolds in a very cheerful gold colour

    since we were having a guest coming ovr to wish the dh happy
    festival i also took some take away from the restaurant and was
    able to serve that when we got back and the guests came
    just a couple who come evry year to wish i was so relieved i got
    the food, i cooked a cauliflower dish to augment what i had bought
    and i think they enjoyed the meal goody i think the festival is well
    and truly over kind of

    the son was invited by my BIL for dinner it was just him, BIL and lil

    Granni - sending good wishes for the hysterectomy and hope you
    have a nice stay as well while caring for her.

    Gail - i looked at the obituary for your dear mum. i found it so sweet
    especially the part about her baking pies. i love mums like that, my
    mum was extremely fond of food but she wasnt a great cook or anything.
    tho she did have a specialty, peas and potato curry with meat. i remember
    that fondly.

    well, take care all

    God Bless
  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Glad you're up to posting. I visited the funeral home site and read your mom's
    obit. I see your mom was a New Year's baby. Born the month after the Great War
    ended. Must have been a happy time for the country and her family.

    And such a big family. And she had so many interests. Sports and business and family
    and her pies. Boy, I sure would like to have a home made pie again. The stuff from
    bakeries is pretty pathetic. I can't imagine someone baking 30 pies (!) for one
    Thanksgiving. She must have been very organized and strong as a pioneer.

    A long, full life. About the best life anyone can have.


  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Slept most of the day. Have been doing that a lot lately.
    Would prefer to sleep at night, of course, but we don't got
    too much choice about that, do we.

    More filming on Friday. Some TV show called the Office. It
    must be popular because I see it in the crosswords now and
    then. The street that runs along the side of our house will have
    no parking for a 3 block stretch. Uff-da!

    I sent b-day cards to my siblings today. A couple of them are
    early. If I don't send them early I'll probably forget. Just
    looked back at my e mails. My brother in MN sent me a b-day
    card last July. Have not heard from him all year otherwise.
    (And he is the most normal of our dysfunctional family.)

    My brother in the Portland area writes now and then, but they
    are more like press releases. He sends them to a dozen people.
    News about his alma mater or Portland politics. If I write and
    send him a joke or ask a question, he generally ignores same.

    My sister sends me a cartoon or joke every month or two. Then
    I write her a letter. Then she sends back a short note.

    Thank Pro Health I can come visit the board. Be a really lonely
    patch w/o you guys.

    Springwater, I recognize the names calendula and dianthus.
    Can't remember what they look like. Have to check the web
    when I get done here. Don't think I've ever seen verbena.
    Sometimes Verbena pops up as a name in old books. Like
    Myrtle, Olive, and Laurel. I had a great aunt Myrtle. She
    was wonderful. A great hostess and cook; full of energy.

    Gordon made cauliflower too. He brought home a head for
    me. He doesn't eat it much except as an ingreediment in
    stir fry. Anyhoo, I couldn't get up the energy to cook it. Finally
    he did. I poured his black bean shrimp sauce over it. A
    connoisseur's delight; and mine too.

    Granni, I am reading a mystery that reminded me of you. I am
    on page 150 or so. No crime yet. Just hints that crimes are
    lurking in the background. Typical woman writer. The emphasis
    is on romance and family relationships.

    Anyhoo, the author is a doctor and so is the main character.
    The main character works in a hospital and 2 retired nurses
    have mysteriously died. So beware, Granni. Stay away from
    Lafayette Medical Center in New York City.

    Better go; back soon
  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Linda, good to hear from you. Tell Lucie Arf, Arf, Woof, Bark, Bark. Reminds me
    of when my son was in some grade school play about 30 years ago. He played the
    role of the family dog. He wore a two-piece costume; a pair of ears.

    Even at that tender age his friends were urging him to lift his leg in a dog like
    manner while onstage. Such scamps. Come back when you can.

    Diane, you too. I have a question for you. Have you contacted the Guinness Book
    or World Records yet? You must have the longest post in history. How can you read the
    messages every day? Don't you have to spend half an hour just getting to the last
    page? Hmmm...guess that was more than A question.

    Barry, thank you for your kind words. Come back when you're up to it. Keep us
    informed on the doings at and around your idyllic retreat.

    Julie, did Raine's molar break through? When my son was that age we gave him a
    teething ring that had been in the freezer. Nowadays they probably use something
    that involves computers.

  16. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Georgia - mmm your soup had me licking my chops, sounded so good. i guess
    we will soon hav to start making soup when it gets cold but not just yet, its
    so warm in the daytime nowthat the rains seem to hav finally stopped.

    Diane - yep that thread of yours got to be the longest in some book of records!

    Rock - that serial 'Office' is a pretty big one i think. Ive not seen it myself but
    know it was on air on one of our channels here. i bet you could see a lot of
    movie stars where you are but i guess you are not that interested in todays

  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    but I needed topop in to say hi to everydobby. Had a busy day out into the big city with our club- a decorator group. I am not real mjch of a decorator but love to see and get ideas and watch people who are good at it. Went to some Christmas stores today (can you believe that). Gorgeous stuff but I just bout three small presents for friends. Those stores are unreal with all the decorations. They had some good prices too especially in one store and we had a nice big salad lunch out too. We went on the bus so no one had to drive. i surely wouldn't be driving in the city. I would still be there driving around if I did :)!!!

    Gail - That was such a lovely obit. about your mom. She sounded like a wonderful lady, much like my mother who also lost both her parents at a very young age, in CZ. She had a very hard life and worked so hard and was a wonderful person. She also was a good baker but didn't do alot at once like your mom, her favorite and ours was apple.

    I know you will miss her but will think of her often as I do mine.

    Georgia - that sounded like a very interesting soup with green peas or was it lentils ( I think that is what you said). I like both of them. Lots of wonderful things in that soup but never had a soup with yams or sweet potatoes. Do you have a recipe or did you just make it up as you went along? Sometimes they are the best :)!!

    SW - Hope you get a bit more NRG from all your hard work and healings.

    Hope to come back and visit again tomorrow. Pooped tonight.

    Night all !

  18. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    got shut down so continuing my previous
    post and see Granni has been and gone

    Granni - i wish i could have been there with you
    to see the decorations. i can spend hours window
    gazing especially during christmas. dont you
    think people have got so creative now in all
    fields? some stuff is so mindblowingly

    Diane - take care of that cold before it
    gets bad. not fun to have a bad cold in the fall.

    well, to get back to me the past two
    days have not been the best of my life.
    in fact the opposite.

    i was under so much stress and anger
    becoz mid brother is wanting us to
    hold a ceremony for his daughter that
    eloped; we are suppposed to cook
    and feed her husbands family and
    give presents and and money and
    of course he is expecting me to
    finance the whole thing. its just
    making me see red. we re still paying
    off their loans for petes sakes!

    my other SIL said she would do the
    cooking and hosting but of course
    big brother doesnt hv the money.
    ive said i would get the money but
    the thought of being there serving
    tea to these people and feeding
    them is creeping me out. who even
    knows whether this thing is gonna
    last?she is 21 and bi polar! i
    hav a feeling the husband hasnt seen
    her bipolar side and am expecting them
    to send her packing wen they do.
    we are expected to gift jewllery
    and all but i would rather die than
    do any more for these people who
    somehow the universe has put in
    the form of my relatives.

    i was so stressed out and screamed
    at another staff of my dh at something
    unrelated so he stormed off saying he
    is leaving.

    yesterday was just horrible.

    anyways enough of the vent. maybe it
    waa the full moon too but i was already feeling
    under the weather and very agitated. slowly
    trying to calm down. but i do feel i would
    welcome getting off this ride called life.
    coping with dds AND blood sucking relatives
    is no way to have spend ones entire life.
    and no way to spend ones rest of the life.

    God Bless
  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Had a frantic hour yesterday morning. Started w/ a bucha
    chores and trying to do them all at the same time 'cause Gordon
    was leaving for work and wanted to get things done.

    So I took out the trash and got together some old clothes (and
    even some new ones) and bundled them up. Checked the
    computer to see how to spell "Men's clothes" in Spanish.
    (It's "Ropa de hombre".)

    Then when I went outside there was a trash picker collecting
    cans, so I gave him the box. There! Mission accomplished.

    Except now my keys were gone. I had been in 6 rooms doing
    these chores so I searched in every one of them. No keys!
    Gordon and I even went through the trash. Sill no keys.

    So he went to work and I thought and thought and finally decided
    the keys must have fallen in the box of ropa. And shortly
    thereafter Zippy was doing some prolonged barking. Aha!
    Figured the fellow brought my keys back. So I checked out the
    back yard. Nope. No one there. ...

    And then, I saw my keys.
    The nice young fellow brought them back and tied them on the
    gate. Uff-da! What a way to start the day. I was exhaustenized!

    Granni, your trip to Christmas Land sounds like fun. My mother
    always went all out w/ decorating at Xmas time. And twice when
    I was a kid we drove all the way to Minneapolis to see the
    animated figures in the store windows. It was absolutely
    magical. Worth the 135 mile trip.

    There were two big dept. stores at that intersection. It's
    the one where Mary Tyler Moore threw her hat in the air.
    One store was Dayton's which was taken over by the May
    Company which was taken over by Macys. I can't even
    remember the name of the other store. Haven't been to that
    intersection for about half a century.

    Diane, your cauliflower recipe sound de-voon although I
    would probably leave out the macaroni. I'm so old that we
    didn't have pasta when I was a kid. Just noodles.

    And we didn't have cake mixes or frozen juice or TV dinners
    or food in aerosol cans or margarine or soda in aluminum cans or
    plastic grocery bags or fruit outta season or pre-made salads
    or a deli section or milk in non-glass containers or....well, you get the idea.

    Georgia, as Granni said, your soup sounds good. I've never
    had collard greens. Or yellow split peas. Are they any different
    than green ones?

    Springwater, here are the names of 2 books I found encouraging.
    "When I Say No, I Feel Guilty" and "The Book of No". If I
    had to deal w/ your relatives, I'd be fed up too.

    Guess I'll see if I can get back to sleep.

  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Rock - I am so glad that you got your keys back. How nice of them to bring them back to you. I know the feeling when one cannot find ones keys or other very important items, like CP's etc. One trick for finding ones CP if it may be in the house. call your CP number with either home phone or others CP and when it rings you canh sort of get an idea of where it is. Of course, if it is not in the house you won't hear it at all. i (we) have done that quite a few times. Unfortunatly, keys do not ring :)!!!

    Spring Water- I do not go to daughters home till November. First we go on a cruise for a week and then about a week in between I think. Will be leaving in about a little more than a week to Nassau and Bahamas.

    Glad that your festivals are over for now for you. It sounds very interesting and fun but also a lot of work. Glad your help is back so you don't have so much to do.

    DH is playing golf this morning and a bunch of us are going out to eat tonight for a pre birthday celebration. One of the gals' birdays is on Halloween and mine is on the 18th. The club has a prime rib special on tonight so that is what most of us will be having. Sounds good !!!

    Gail - Hope things are going OK for you and family with the funeral of your mom. She sounded like such a wonderful person. The obit. was wonderful one. I just cannot imagine anyone being able to make so many pies in one day. One would be a big project for me. Not much of a pie baker I must say. Actually now I make very few desserts unless we are going someplace and I have to bring something. Used to make losts of choc. chip cookies though when the kids were young and it is about one of my DH's favorite dessert. Lots of special hugs to you.

    Julie - Hope you and family are doing OK. I need to go and get dressed for the day. I's sitting here typing in my pj's. Drop a note when you can.

    Thinking of everydobby and all our mia's.


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